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I have deleted the page Anno Domini that you created recently as it is not in line with IIWiki policy. IIWiki does not need to explain real-world concepts that are adequately covered by Wikipedia. If there is no substantial variation between the concept in the real world and the form it takes in your nation, it is sufficient to link off-site to the appropriate Wikipedia article. There are two main ways to format this.

One is using Template:Wp (e.g. as {{wp|Anno Domini}}; it can display different text much as a standard link can, e.g. {{wp|Anno Domini|AD}} which displays as AD). The other is inserting wikipedia: before the target in the link (e.g. as [[wikipedia:Anno Domini]]). Because this latter one displays with the wikipedia: prefix, I recommend changing the display text as usual. You can also link to other Wikimedia projects this way, such as wiktionary:for example. Any pages that previously linked to Anno Domini will need to be retargeted to the Wikipedia article as explained above.

If there is a significant nuance, it may be appropriate to create an article titled, for example, Calendar systems in Grangua. Note that any such article must be written and formatted appropriately. Informal "note" articles do not belong in 'mainspace' and are at best suited to your user sandbox.

I would like also to note that IIWiki policy obliges users to correctly categorise their articles. Your article Grangua is currently uncategorised. You can correct this by adding Category:Countries and other appropriate categories at the bottom of the article. Please do so for any article of yours that is inadequately categorised at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any queries please get in touch with me or any admin. ~ Mal do the talking thing 02:29, 7 January 2021 (UTC)

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