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Template:Infobox video game has been imported from Wikipedia at your request. If you have any further import requests, let us know. Ozycaevias (talk) 19:33, 21 March 2019 (UTC)

Re: Blank pages

Please refrain from creating blank or otherwise pointless pages, as you have done at Template:EditOnWikidata, Template:Namespace detect, Template:If first display both and Template:Watashi. If you created the page in error, please bring it to the attention of an IIwiki admin for deletion. If you created a template that is invoked by another template to prevent the appearance of red links, please don't: it can interfere with the importing of those templates later or with the working of the template that depends on it. Note, for example, the disruption caused to Template:EditOnWikidata. Any disruptive editing runs the risk of incurring an administrative citation, so please always operate within the framework of IIwiki's Standards and Conventions.

I have reverted/deleted the affected templates. Please let me know if there are other pages I should similarly be removing. All the best, ~ Mal do the talking thing 19:23, 26 April 2019 (UTC)