User talk:Zhousheng (Fjana)

Welcome to Fjana's talk page! I sincerely welcome you here, but I would politely ask you to follow some general rules, especially:

  1. Don't be toxic here, I am not toxic to you either
  2. If you wish to generally chat with me about unrelated things, do not spam it here and rather contact me on Discord
  3. Please chat only in languages I can understand (as shown on my main page)
  4. Do not edit other's comments
  5. Have fun and when you are done, have a good cup of hot chocolate
  6. Format your message as follows:
Left pointing double angle quotation mark sh3.svg * YOUR TEXT HERE --~~~~ Right pointing double angle quotation mark sh3.svg

--~~~~ is your signature (can be customised in your personal settings) and where number of stars (*) is the number of the layer this comment is on (comment is the first layer, reply is second, reply to a reply is third...), so conversations can be realistically kept track of.


  • Alright, for the sake of avoiding somebody posting here "first" comment (you know those guys on any large discussion forum), I'm first here --Fjana (talk) 15:27, 17 June 2021 (UTC)