Royal Republic of Valvexia

Könichenrepublik Valvexá
Flag of Valvexia
of Valvexia
Coat of arms
Motto: Gotten blev du Könichenrepublik
God bless the Royal Republic
Anthem: Hail to the Motherland

Royal anthemHymnen Halburtá
Map of Valvexia
Map of Valvexia
StatusIndependent Nation
CapitalAntople, Valvexana
LargestKaveda, Paragona
Official languagesValvexan; Anglaese
Recognised regional languagesParagonan; Woshon; Ikaran; Ravii;
Demonym(s)Valvexian; Valvexán
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Charles IV
• Heir Apparent
Johannes, Crown Prince of Valvexia
• Prime Minister
Thomas Wayne (RPV)
Independent Nation
• 1st Council of Algorae
8 May 947
• Ratification of the Royal Charter of Government
7 June 1147
CurrencyValvexian Dunaria

The Royal Republic of Valvexia (Valvexan: Könichenrepublik Valvexá), more colloquially known as the "Royal Republic" or simply Valvexia, is a constitutional monarchy on Terreren located in the northwestern region of the continent. Established by Alfredo I with the 1st Council of Algorae in 947, the Valvexian monarchical system is the oldest continuous system of its kind on Terreren, with Charles IV serving as its monarch since his ascension in 2016.