Verbizan People's Court

Verbizan People's Court
Verbizanski naroden sŭd
Verbiza star.png
Emblem of Verbiza
Judge term length10 years
Number of positions5
Senior Comrade Jurist
CurrentlyYatzo Gavrilov
Lead position ends2022

The Verbizan People's Court (Verbizan: Verbizanski naroden sŭd) is the high court of the People's Communal Republic of Verbiza. It hears all criminal, civil, and administrative law offenses.


The Verbizan People's Court is the sole physical court in Verbiza, and it is the court of last appeal. Five jurists, officially called "Comrade Jurists", hold seats on the Verbizan People's Court with 10-year terms.

Most legal cases are not resolved in court in Verbiza. The Verbizan People's Court appoints marshals to wander the countryside hearing criminal and civil complaints. The job of the marshal is to hear legal cases, form juries if necessary, and deliver judgement. Decisions made by a marshal may be appealed to the Verbizan People's Court.