Vierz Revolution

Vierz Revolution
Kasenberg during the National Curfew Order of March 1987
Demonstrations in Strauben on 18 November 1988
Demonstrations in Gidenburg on 2 February 1986 demanding the reinstatement of the city's mayor Paul Bachmeier
Victor IV (right of centre) announcing his abdication at the Royal Memorial Cemetery on 28 October 1989, a critical moment during the revolution
DateFebruary 1985–10 January 1990
(4 years and 11 months)
LocationVierz Empire

The Vierz Revolution (Vierz: Vierze Revolution), also known as the Republican Revolution (Republikanische Revolution), was a period of sweeping social and political change coupled with violent civil unrest in Vierzland, whereby the Vierz Empire was dissolved and succeeded by the Vierz Federation. Most historians agree that the period began in early 1985 with the appointment of Uwe Scholz as Chancellor, and ended on 10 January 1990 with the Werner Declaration. Some historians argue that the period continued until the ratification of the Constitution of Vierzland on 4 January 1992.