Yogory VII

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Yogory VII
King of Yogania
Yogory VII in 2018.
Coronation7 May 1991
PredecessorBucklan VI
Heir apparentJakob
BornYogory VII Yangodi-Yol
16 April 1969 (age 55)
Burlagan Gorsudd Palace, Yocopo, Yogania
ConsortQueen Gudsol
IssueJakob, Alfie, Gordon
FatherBucklan VI
MotherQueen Budryn

Yogory VII Yangodi-Yol (born 16 April 1969, age 55) known as Yogory VII is the 151th and current King of Yogania and the fourth monarch of the Yangodi-Yol dynasty.


Yogory VII Yangodi-Yol was born on 16 April 1969 in Yocopo, Yogania. He is the son of King Bucklan VI of Yogania (1913-1990) and Queen Consort Budryn (1921-1994). He was coronated on 7 May 1991, at the age of 22, after a year of national mourning. In 1994 he had a son, Jakob, with His wife Queen Gudsol. In 1999 he had a daughter, Alfie, and another son in 2002, Gordon. He celebrated his 50th birthday in 2019.

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Yogory VII is widely regarded as a good king. Even though he doesn´t have any political power, he often uses his money to donate to various charities and spends the bulk of his time being an ambassador of his country´s culture.