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The City of Peace
Founded338 BCE
 • MayorDanica Orta
 • Total7,213,950

Zovahr is the capital and largest city of Syara by population. Zovahr serves as the capital of the Commonality with a total population of over seven million and 10 million total in the surrounding metropolitan area, making it the largest city in Syara. Zovahr, along with Korzhany, Nemyta and Bolevy form Syara's third largest metropolitan region.

Zovahr straddles the Xhemal River about 120 kilometers south of the Desopya Channel, opposite the foothills of Mount Xena. Although it was founded in the 4th Century BCE, Zovahr was a relatively minor settlement in Makedon until the 9th Century, when the passing of the Burning Plague throughout the Makedonian Empire depopulated many of the Empire's populated cities, leading Zovahr to rise in influence and population over the course of the next several centuries. By the 1600s Zovahr was the most populated city in Syara and home to Syara's emerging industrial revolution. Following the collapse of the Arkoennite Empire Zovahr became the official capital of the Kingdom of Makedon, and following the Conference of Pella in 1875 was selected as the capital of the Republic of Syara. Zovahr was threatened during the Divide War but remained safe and thereafter steadily become one of the largest metropolitan areas in Tyran. Following the Siduri War the city entered into a state of decline that was not reversed until after the Refusal War, where it regained it's status as a major urban area.

Zovahr is often considered a world city and is famous for it's culture, art, and media. Zovahr's economy is based heavily on manufacturing of high end products including electronics and automobiles, as well as a major proponent of creative industries, scientific research, and conventions. Zovahr serves as a continental hub for air travel through much of Siduri. Zovahr is also home to many educational sites and universities including the Zovahr Technical Insistute, the Makedonian College of the Arts, and the Syaran School of International Law. In recent years Zovahr has become known for it's festivals, concerts, and nightlife.



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