Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha

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Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha
Flag of Ja'ekha
The Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha (red), c. 1300
The Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha (red), c. 1300
Common languagesTrellinese
Grand Duke 
• Established
• Annexed to Trellin
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of the Pedallen
Today part of Trellin

The Grand Duchy of Ja'ekha was an Ethlorek state in eastern Trellin. It succeeded the Kingdom of the Pedallen, of which it had formerly been a vassal before the Anarchy of the 800s. At its height, it ruled much of the Bay of Pedalin from its capital at Azhedar and was one of the great rivals of the Kingdom of the Isles of Velar. It was one of the longest-lived Ethlorek states, a result of its own considerable power and influence in the east. After the death of Grand Duke Kenti, Ja'ekha was left to the Trellinese Empire as an imperial province administered by the House of Nyarza.

Kenti Nyarza, the last ruler of an independent Ja'ekha