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Fakolana, formerly Nauvite Deseret and Kronata, on Nationstates and a former IIWiki admin. I used to help with technical issues such as templates, extensions, images, and server management. If you have a technical issue, especially regarding formatting or templates, please leave a message on an admin's talk page. Currently developing Nova Kovaria in Levilion.

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Ozycaevias, also known as Caevus, VonZweir, Kron, Fakolana, and Nauvite Deseret, I've been an IIWiki user since July 16th, 2016, and was an admin of IIWiki from June 20th, 2018 to July 11th, 2020. My contributions include Portal:Artemis, Deseret, the Main Page and a variety of tech and template work for iiWiki. I have been a NationStates user since 2010, and a member of the roleplaying community since 2015. In 2020, I decided to retire from NS, and later on retired from the IIWiki staff on good terms.

My interests include History (especially Early-America and Utah History), Political Science, Graphic Design, and Web Design. Born and raised in Utah, I am currently in university studying History and Political Science. In my free time, I work on new digital graphics projects, playing games, and toying with the technical aspects of MediaWiki. Since being brought on as the technical admin, I was deeply involved with setting up the new wiki and improving user experience.

Current Projects

Beyond just worldbuilding, I do a few things around IIWiki in my free time.

  • Changing Wikipedia links in templates so they point to Wikipedia.
  • Removing unnecessary hard-requirements in certain templates. (IE: Citation needed)
  • Slowly building new templates to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Former Projects

During 2020 I was primarily working on helping the upgraded wiki through its public launch. The agenda includes:

  • Importing templates
  • Fixing errors and bugs
  • Creating new pages
  • Working on the CSS of the site for better usability/look
  • Working on back-end maintenance and upgrades for the wiki.
  • Updating the wiki to 1.34!