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The Barukung School, more often simply called Barukukung or New Law Macakkanism, is the second major tradition within the Macakkanism faith. It emerged during the Alawokambese Thalassocratic Period when the faith spread to Huran and was re-interpreted by the local Huranian based on their own philosophical concepts, such as the Taijitu, internal alchemy, or the quest for immortality, with added millenialist expectations. The Huranian Kuang Dynasty of Huran would represent the high point of this original New Law Macakkanism as a way for Huranian people to re-establish their sovereignty over the foreign Alawese and Kambese hegemonies. This religio-political conflict found its conclusion with the Compromise at Anshan which gave birth to the Collegiums system. (See more...)

Oroshan (kikŋaʔvəvi, pronounced: [kigŋaʔvəˈvi]) is a Gujino-Bintani language spoken in the extreme northeast of Surucia, mostly contained in Oroshia, where nearly 2 million speakers reside. It is a Gujin language, genetically, within the wider Gujino-Bintani family. Specifically, it is a Coast Gujin language, along with the Yvlipkan language, who diverged from their common ancestor an estimated 1,500 years ago. It is still relatively close to languages such as Yvlipkan, and more distant to other Gujin languages, and even Bintan languages, as part of the wider family. It is considerably more conservative than its closest relative, Yvlipkan, which has innovated greatly phonologically and grammatically. (See more...)

"O land of the river" (Elsian: "O krôjnié rzéki"; Tyrnican: "O Land des Flusses") is the national anthem of Elstock. Officially adopted in 2000 following the country's independence from Tyrnica and Pelemia, the song was previously an unofficial anthem for the city-state decades before its adoption, and a popular patriotic song among the wider Elsian community. Officially, the anthem is instrumental, but the original lyrics, in both Elsian and Tyrnican, are still used in unofficial celebrations and events, such as soccer matches and private functions.(See more...)
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Surrow is a country located in northeastern Maurceania Major, and is the second northernmost country in the world after Pelemia. Situated on the Surrowese archipelago between the Breuvician Ocean to the west and north, Rowland Bay to the south and east, it shares maritime borders with TBA to the south via the Talbot Strait. Sixty-four percent of the country's population lives in the capital city, Holcot Inlet, making it by far the primate city in the country.

Prior to colonisation, Surrow was inhabited by indigenous peoples, beginning from around 3000 BP: at the time of colonisation, the Surrowese archipelago was inhabited by Chequan and Itchalnu. However, after Avery Holcot discovered the archipelago in 1486, and noted that its waters were abundant with fish, Auressian nations sought to rule over the archipelago, with the two most prominent ones being Rythene and Tyrnica. Competition between the two countries over the Surrowese archipelago and its abundant fishing grounds would last until the end of the Eleven Years War in 1759 between Rythene and Tyrnica, which concluded with Rythene assuming sole control over the archipelago.

During the Great Upheaval, Surrow was neglected by the Rytheneans, which led to the beginning of Surrowese self-government. Although after the Great Upheaval, Rythenean control was restored, the Surrowese would desire a greater say in their affairs, and would chafe under continued Rythenean rule. Despite this, Surrow would maintain its position as part of the Rythenean Empire until it gained independence in 1950.

In 1951, palladium was discovered on Great Island, leading to increased interest in the Surrowese archipelago by General Armaments. This led to substantial economic investment, with the Tulaktarvik mine becoming the primary economic engine of Surrow, especially after the cod fisheries in Surrow began to decline. Today, Surrow is a part of the invisible empire, with Surrow maintaining good relations with the invisible empire and the Commonwealth of Northern Auressia, and is a full member of the Assembly of Marceaunian States.

(See more...)
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Polandball Map of Levilion 2021 by Rythene
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