Wu Fang-su

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The Honourable

Sir Wu Fang-su

Li Ka Shing.jpg
Fang-su at the Jindanese Heritage Festival in 2012
Born(1930-12-22)December 22, 1930
Gaozhai, Gaullican Jindao
DiedMarch 5, 2021(2021-03-05) (aged 90)
NationalityJindanese, Xiaodongese, formerly Gaullican and Estmerish
EducationKnowleston University, Jindao
OccupationFounder and chairman of the Fang-su Corporation and Wubank
Owner of Guanyu Shipyards
Part owner of Prematex International
Net worth$44.7 billion (2019)
Spouse(s)Chen Kun (m. 1957)

Sir Wu Fang-su GOE, JMH, JAOcE, GC-PM (born 22 December 1930) was a Jindanese business magnate and investor. Born in Gaozhai while Jindao was under ownership of Gaullica to a Jindanese father and Gaullican mother, Fang-su was recognised early on for his intelligence and earned a scholarship to Knowleston University in 1948, where he studied economics, earning a degree. He founded the Fang-su Clothing in 1951 from savings and small bank loans as well as borrowing from his family, who resided in Jindao. Starting off as a clothes manufacturer operating a plant with nine other employees, Fang-su quickly became renowned for the quality of his clothes and attracted buy orders and investors from around the world. By 1960, Fang-su's company had grown to become one of the largest in Coius, and Fang-su had made a fortune in the process.

Fang-su rebranded his company to Fang-su Corporation in 1962 and his company was listed on the Jindao Stock Exchange a year later, trading under FANG. He expanded his clothing market into Mathrabumi in 1970 due to its cheaper labour. He began buying properties in Shilou and selling them on for higher prices as migration into the city began to increase and available housing decreased. Fang-su's branch into the real estate market is what made him most of his fortune and his continued investment, followed by the Jindanese housing crisis and Economic Reorganising Programme in Xiaodong (in which Xiaodong liberalised their economy, opening up its market) of the 1980s and 90s, got him listed as a billionaire in 1991, the fourth from Jindao to do so.

He expanded into property development the same year, beginning construction of the Wu Fang-su Tower in New Verlois the same year, a 38-storey building comprised entirely of apartments. He bought the dwindling Gwanyu Shipyards company in 1994 for $253 million, which he revitalised into a modern naval equipment facility, making equipment for the Estmerish and Xiaodongese navies. He also opened Gwanyu Shipyards industrial lots in Mathrabumi to serve the Mathran Navy, which quickly usurped the Jindao lot as the highest earning Gwanyu industrial lot. He capitalised again on the property vacuum when Jindao was transferred to Xiaodong in 1996 by investing in and reselling properties. He founded Wubank in 1999, now one of the largest privately-owned banks in Coius.

At the Millenium Awards Ceremony in Jindao, he was awarded three separate medals, the Jindanese Medal of Honour (JMH; also earning him the title of "The Honourable" and "Sir"), the Jindanese Award for Outstanding Contributions to Economics (JAOcE) and the Grand Cao-Pi Medal (GC-PM), the most given to one person at a single ceremony in Jindanese history. Fang-su worked largely as an investor and philanthropist throughout Jindao and in 2011, the main street running through New Verlois and the one running next to the Wu Fang-su Tower was renamed to Fang-su Boulevard in honour of his contributions to the city. He passed away in March 2021.

Styles and honours

Foreign honours

  • Rwizikuru - Murwi weKurongeka kwaNzou, 2019