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This user is primarily a
"Modern Tech" roleplayer.

This user chats on Discord as Pricey.
Flag of Norfolk.svgThis user is from Norfolk, owned by barbarians since 43 AD.
Arsenal fc old crest small.pngThis user supports Arsenal.
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Country Region Seal/Arms Capital city Tech
 Atresca Aeia Ducal Coat of Arms of Parma (1748-1802).svg Albasini MT
 Ainhar Aeia Cianbally MT
 Garambura Kylaris Garambura COA.png Mutimukuru MT
 Jindao Kylaris Jindao Seal.png Jindao MT
 Narozalica Kylaris Narozalyk CoA.png Samistopol MT
 Hytekia Gaia HDR National Symbol.png Krasno MT