Coius orthographic.png
Area38,491,013 km2 (14,861,463 sq mi)
Population density33.95/km²
Unrecognised states Heijiang
Time zonesUTC-5–UTC+6

Coius is Kylaris' largest and most populous continent. It is located Western Hemisphere and stretches across the Southern and Northern Hemisphere. Coius is bounded by seas on all sides. To the north is the Gulf of Assoinaire, the Florian Ocean, and the Coast of Bahia. To the east, Coius is bordered by the Vehemens Ocean, the Banfuran Sea, and the Sublustrian Sea. To the South, it borders the Glacial Ocean, Coral Sea, and Honghai Sea. To the west lay the Lumine Ocean, Mazdan Sea, and Solarian Sea. Euclea is loacted to the north and west, across the Mazdan Sea, Solarian Sea, and Gulf of Assoinaire.

Coius is notable for its broad diversity of cultures, ecologies, and geography. Coius is the most environmentaly diverse continent in Kylaris, with biomes ranging from deserts in Bahia to the great mountain ranges of South Coius to the jungles of the eastern coast. Coius is traditionally broken down into multiple regions, including South Coius, Southeast Coius, Bahia, Badawiya and Satria. The Great Steppe is located in the central-southern interior of the continent.

Coius is the most populous continet, possessing almost 60% of the global population. South Coius has some of the largest and densest urban environments while Bahia and Badiwaya are among the most-sparsely settled regions in the world. Keisi, the Senrian capital located off the coast of South Coius, is the largest city in the world by population.

Geography and Climate

Main Regions

Badawiya Bahia Southeast Coius South Coius Satria

List of countries in Coius

Name Capital Population Region Head of State Government type
 Ajahadya Banabadura 166,112,000 Satria Vimala Balchandra Presidential republic
 Baekjeong Sangang 80,348,293 South Coius Lee Seo-yeon Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Chanda Taglikend 23,424,000 Satria Erkin Sabir Presidential republic
 Dezevau Bazadavo 129,899,450 Southeast Coius Congress of Twenties Council republic
 Emessa[a] Lyria 6,369,584 Lisandrina Orunesu Rahelia Parliamentary republic
 Garambura Garambura Mutimukuru 8,635,881 Bahia Muzukuru Chiyangwa Presidential republic
 Gulbistan Gulbistan Dostak 64,992,804 Satria Omar Sherzai Presidential republic
 Heijiang Heijiang Chashan 8,394,746 South Coius Pan Jiayong Authoritarian republic
 Ihram Djma'a 80,072,000 Rahelia Revolutionary People's Shura Council republic
 Kadaria Kadaria Ispandikyan 81,945,200 Rahelia Münir Gündoğan Bekçi Authoritarian republic
 Kumuso Kumuso Kumuso City 1,403,956 South Coius Shayban V Presidential republic
 Kuthina Kuthina Chaoburi 81,653,237 Southeast Coius Srisantisuk Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Ladaca Madiaiei 18,326,850 Satria Har Randhawa Presidential republic
 Lavana Lavana Pers 49,842,742 Southeast Coius Lavanan Council Council republic
 North Kabu North Kabu Magelang 8,073,283 Southeast Coius Dian Suripto Semi-presidential republic
 Rajyaghar Kinadica 84,267,147 Satria Krishan VII Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Rwizikuru Rwizikuru Guta raMambo 18,903,392 Bahia Izibongo Ngonidzashe Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Senria Keisi 258,751,620 South Coius Reika Okura Parliamentary republic
 Siamat Siamat Mouráng 36,564,398 Southeast Coius Fabien Nhean Authoritarian republic
 Sohar Sohar Tarihi 25,159,042 Rahelia Hamid el-Bari Semi-presidential republic
 South Kabu South Kabu Ayukarta 7,841,984 Southeast Coius Tirto Sutikno Semi-presidential republic
 Subarna Khozapur 91,034,632 Satria Jagannath Sarkar Presidential republic
 Tsabara Adunis 59,115,236 Rahelia Nazim al-Qutayni Parliamentary republic
 Zorasan Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics Zahedan 173,112,587 Central Coius Vahid Isfandiar Parliamentary republic
 Xiaodong Xiaodong Rongzhuo 553,746,000 South Coius Yuan Xiannian Authoritarian republic


  1. Emessa can be considered part of Coius (through Rahelia) or Southern Euclea; it has historical and sociopolitical connections with both.