1990 Santa Rosan presidential election

1990 Santa Rosan presidential election

← 1986 20 April 1990 (first round)
4 May 1990 (second round)
1994 →
Turnout75.95% (first round)
74.24% (second round)
  Felipe González recibe al presidente de la Diputación General de Aragón (cropped).jpg Dijker 1990.png
Candidate Tito Pérez Plutarco Dijker
Party PSD Independent
Running mate Carmella Grosso Bert Morena
Popular vote 59,653,544 58,749,327
Percentage 50.38% 49.62%

President before election

Israel Pozo (acting)


Tito Perez

A presidential election was held in Santa Rosa on 20 April 1990, with a second round on 4 May. Tito Pérez was elected, winning the most votes in the first and second rounds. However, the election was narrow; Pérez won the second round with 50.38% of the popular vote (59,653,544) and his opponent Plutarco Dijker won with 49.62% (58,749,327), a difference of only 58,426 votes.


The Constitution of Santa Rosa states that the President of the Republic is elected to a four-year term in a two-round popular vote system. If no candidate achieves a majority in the first round, a second round takes place two weeks later consisting of the two highest performing candidates of the first round. The winner of the election takes office on 20 August of that year.


Candidates in runoff

# Party/coalition Presidential candidate Political office(s) Vice Presidential candidate
Social Democratic Party
Felipe González recibe al presidente de la Diputación General de Aragón (cropped).jpg
Tito Pérez Mayor of Ciudad Beldad (1982–)
Sabine Bergmann-Pohl.jpg
Carmella Grosso
Dijker 1990.png
Plutarco Dijker None
(Rodrigo Borja) Felipe González junto al presidente de Ecuador. Pool Moncloa. 12 de septiembre de 1989 (cropped).jpeg
Bert Morena

Candidates failing to make runoff

# Party/coalition Presidential candidate Political office(s) Vice Presidential candidate
Liberal Republican Party
Jacobo Majluta Azar.JPG
Israel Pozo Acting President of Santa Rosa (1990–)
President of the Congress (1984–)
Carneiro cropped.jpg
Jafet Houtkooper
Desmond Hoyte.jpg
Imani Crespo Cruz None
Portret van Iwan Graanoogst, surinaams minister van leger en politie., Bestanddeelnr 931-6585.jpg
Godofredo Janz
Party of National Unity
Bob Filner, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
Miguel Sinpito Member of the Puerto Rojo City Council (1976–1988)
Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley meets with Rodolfo Escalera (Crop).jpg
Juan Cambre


Impeachment and resignation of Raul Romero

Incumbent president Raul Romero, who was seeking a third term alongside vice president Esteban Gayoso, was accused of embezzling government funds on December 31 1989. After the Congress found the accusations credible, he was impeached on February 6 1990, and both he and Gayoso resigned shortly after to avoid being removed from office. As a result, both of them dropped out of the presidential race, and Israel Pozo replaced Romero as the Liberal Republican Party candidate.

Medical worker strike

Hundreds of Emergency Medical Service workers went on strike across the country on March 27, sparking a crisis for Acting President Pozo and his government, as well as sparking another contentious issue in the campaign. Although generally unorganized, the strikers were demanding higher wages, safer working conditions, and up-to-date equipment, refusing to work until the government agreed to their demands.

Initially, the government refused to concede any ground or take any direct action. This was considered wildly unpopular for Pozo and the PLR. Perez made statements of sympathy, offering to meet with union leaders and promise "healthcare reform." At first, Dijker appeared rather apathetic, saying, "they work or they don't work. They can make the choice." However, he clarified his position, blaming the strikes on the PLR government. "Romero and his friends stole money from the treasury to spend on yachts and cars, when we could instead be providing our medics with the supplies they need," Dijker said. "This is less of a priority problem and more of a corruption one."

Opinion polls

First round

File:1990 Santa Rosa first round polls.svg


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Tito Pérez Social Democratic Party 40,752,262 32.92% 59,653,544 50.38%
Plutarco Dijker Independent 40,541,792 32.75% 58,749,327 49.62%
Imani Crespo Cruz MOLAN 23,800,668 19.23%
Israel Pozo Liberal Republican Party 13,170,327 10.64%
Miguel Sinpito Party of National Unity 5,518,800 4.46%
Valid votes 123,783,849 98.55% 118,402,871 96.43%
Invalid/blank votes 1,816,690 1.45% 4,379,350 3.57%
Total 125,600,539 - 122,782,221 -
Registered voters/turnout 165,374,843 75.95% 165,374,843 74.24%