Tito Pérez

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Tito Pérez
Tito Pérez Peña.png
27th President of Santa Rosa
In office
20 July 1990 – 14 November 1991
Vice PresidentCarmella Grosso
Preceded byRaul Romero
Israel Pozo (acting)
Succeeded byPaul Oppenheimer
Mayor of Ciudad Beldad
In office
8 July 1982 – 8 July 1990
Personal details
Ernesto Gael Pérez Peña

24 March 1942
Rio del Mar, Santa Rosa
Died14 November 1991
Ciudad Beldad, Santa Rosa
Cause of deathSelf-inflicted gunshot
Political partyPSD (since 1989)
Other political
Independent (before 1989)

Ernesto Gael "Tito" Pérez Peña (born 26 April 1942) was a Santa Rosan politician and the 27th President of Santa Rosa from 20 August 1990 until his death in 14 November 1991.

Political career

Presidency (1990–)

Pérez won the 1990 presidential election with 32.92% in the first round and 50.38% in the second round. He narrowly beat Plutarco Dijker, an independent candidate who appeared tied in the public opinion pulls with Pérez before election day.

Pérez was inaugurated in Ciudad Beldad on 20 July 1990.


In forming his cabinet, Pérez exclusively recruited fellow members of his party, the Social Democrats (PSD), with the exception of General Paul Oppenheimer for Minister of Defense, who was officially independent. As the PSD controlled both chambers of Congress, Pérez made no attempt at making an outreach to any other party for an alliance. After General Oppenheimer resigned and was replaced by Pablo Luchador, the entire cabinet was of the PSD.

Portfolio Minister Party Term
President   Tito Pérez PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Vice President   Carmella Grosso PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Chief of Staff   Julio Reijnders PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Defense   Gen. Paul Oppenheimer N/A 20 Jul 1990 – 2 Sep 1991
  Pablo Luchador PSD 2 Sep 1991
Minister of Foreign Affairs   Billy Marino PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Economics   Jorge Savidge PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Justice   Ghislain Stilo PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Health   Dr. Lea Harris PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of the Environment   Marta Hailey PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Education   Rens Fontana PSD 20 Jul 1990 –
Minister of Labor   Eleonora Spada PSD 20 Jul 1990 –

Domestic policy

Focused significantly more on foreign policy during his presidency, Vice President Carmella Grosso mostly took on the role of handling domestic policy.

Foreign policy

The foreign policy of Tito Pérez deviated from the mainline non-interventionist stance of his party. In the first year of his presidency, Pérez deployed Santa Rosan peacekeeping forces in Lache and Occitania to enforce a ceasefire. Additionally, he supported regimes that were combating rebellions, such as the American Federation. Pérez attributed his foreign policy to "maintaining stability home and abroad."