2021 Azmaran presidential election

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2021 Azmaran presidential election

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Candidate Harald Alekssun Alan Freissun
Party Green Independent
Home state Aalmsted Aalmsted
States carried 5 3
Popular vote 3,675,448 3,420,012
Percentage 51.8% 48.2%

President before election

Maarija Ryginsdohter

Elected President

Harald Alekssun

Presidential elections were held in Azmara on 19 September 2021. In a close race, Green candidate Harald Alekssun was elected to succeed Maarija Ryginsdohter as the Xth President of Azmara, gaining 51.8% of the vote in the final round and defeating Alan Freissun, who had gained 48.2% of the vote.

As per the Basic Law, the Azmaran president is elected to serve as an impartial head of state for a term of six years for a maximum of two terms. While able to run for a second term, incumbent President Maarija Ryginsdohter announced her intention not to seek re-election on the 10th June. As a result, a three-way race emerged between Alekssun, Freissun and Kaþeriina Eryksdohter. All three candidates attempted to appeal to the centre, yet many identified the candidates with radically different campaigning styles, with the three candidates being associated with social progressivism, populism and technocracy respectively.

In the initial results, Freissun possessed a lead with 35.1% of the vote to Alekssun's 32.2% and Eryksdohter's 20.3%. Exit polls and pre-election polling predicted a very tight race, yet as the votes were reallocated Alekssun would claim victory and overtake Freissun's initial lead. The election was the first since 2003 to feature a runoff and Alekssun made headlines as the first head of state affiliated with a green party, yet ultimately would resign his membership of the party in accordance with the Basic Law.