2023 Social Democratic Party leadership election (Etruria)

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2023 Social Democratic Party leadership election

← 2018 4 March 2023
Stefano Bonaccini Meeting di Rimini 2022 (cropped).jpg
Nominee Giorgio Amadeo Biancofiore Adrina Drago

Bruno Tabacci - Festival Economia 2018.jpg
Nominee Bruno Benedetto Locatelli Simone Marco Camusso

Federal Secretary before election

Chiara Mastromarino

Elected Federal Secretary


The 2023 Social Democratic Party leadership election will be held in Etruria on 4 March 2023, it is to be held following the resignation of incumbent Federal Secretary Chiara Mastromarino, who stepped down following a number of scandals and internal party pressure. The results of the election will be announced at the party conference held on the same date.


Chiara Mastromarino who served as Federal Secretary from 2018 stepped down on 26 January 2023, sparking the leadership election.

Chiara Mastromarino was elected Federal Secretary of the Social Democratic Party in the 2019 Social Democratic Party leadership election following the party's near total defeat in the 2018 Etrurian federal election. She would lead the party into winning 136 seats in the 2021 Etrurian federal election, resulting in the party gaining one of its largest seat shares. In 2022 however, her leadership was rocked by a shock defeat for the party in the 2022 Novalian state election and subsequent leaks of emails and memos, revealing misjudgements and interference in the Novalian SD campaign. This was followed by further leaks and revelations in the media that she had personally involved herself in the covering up of bullying allegations made against a political ally. In the fallout of the bullying scandal around Carlo Tonini he resigned his senate seat, leading to the SD losing the by-election to Etruria plus Euclea.

The by-election defeat and stagnating polling figures resulted in growing calls for her resignation in time for the March 2023 party conference. She stepped down on 26 January 2023, citing the need for the "party to avoid distractions."


Under the Party Constitution, leadership elections are to take place the March following a federal election, either to elect a new leader or renew an incumbents term. In the event of a leader stepping down before this time, the Party President may either maintain candidacies being restricted to sitting members of the Senate of the Federation or open the election to state-level office holders. A candidate who holds office at the state level would be mandated to secure a seat in the Chamber of Representatives at the next federal election. On January 30, Party President Nera Stipičević announced that the election would be open to state-level candidates.

For candidates to be officially registered, they must receive 300 signatures from federal, state and local party members and office holders. The candidates will then engage in a four-week campaign to gain the support of party members, which will also include either televised or live-streamed debates before all candidates. The party membership, including members of affiliated organisations and groups will then vote for their candidate online or via postal ballot, the party operates a One member, one vote policy with the result announced the annual party conference. The candidate with the largest vote share will be declared the winner.


Declared candidates

Portrait Name Most recent position Campaign logo Slogan Announced
Stefano Bonaccini Meeting di Rimini 2022 (cropped).jpg Giorgio Amadeo Biancofiore
(age 55)
Prefect of Dinara
Dinaran Assembly Member for San Alessandro III
Other positions
Noi siamo la fiamma
(We are the flame)
02 February
Hearing with Paolo Gentiloni, candidate commissioner for economy (48836479152) (cropped).jpg Adrina Drago
(age 52)
Opposition Spokesperson for Finance
Representative for Spiazzo e Volta
Other positions
Insieme per la Democrazia
(Together for Democracy)
04 February
Nicola Fratoianni Quirinale 2022 (cropped).jpg Bruno Benedetto Locatelli
(age 58)
Representative for Castellaro
Other positions
Sempre per il popolo
(Always for the people)
04 February
Bruno Tabacci - Festival Economia 2018.jpg Simone Marco Camusso
(age 59)
Opposition Spokesperson for Internal Affairs
Representative for Mandria e Casabianca
Other positions
Si possiamo
(Yes we can)
05 February