2024 Fallish prime ministerial election

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2024 Fallish prime ministerial election

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Turnout88.17% (Decrease-1.4 pp)
  Penny Mordaunt Official Cabinet Portrait, September 2022 (cropped).jpg Glyn Davies (Welsh Politician) profile photo (cropped).jpg
Nominee Karren Shroff Gorden Payne-Smith
Party Progressive Party New Falland Party
Alliance Liberal Bloc People's Bloc
Popular vote 27,953,780 25,927,831
Percentage 51.9% 48.1%

2024 prime ministerial election Falland.png
Results of the prime ministerial election.

Previous Prime Minister

Karren Shroff
Progressive Party

Prime Minister

Karren Shroff
Progressive Party

The 2024 Fallish prime ministerial election was the 20th quadrennial prime ministerial election in Falland since the establishment of the federation in 1944, held on 11 May 2024. The Liberal Karren Shroff won against People's candidate Gorden Payne-Smith by just 3.8%, continuing the Liberal hold on the position of Prime Minister. Shroff recieved 27,953,780 votes while Payne-Smith won 25,927,831, representing 88.17% of the total registered voter population.

The winner of the election is scheduled to be inaugurated on 10 June 2024. The election also ran parallel to the 2024 Fallish general election.

The main campaign issues revolved around the country's overreliance on immigration to cover for low birth rates. The rise of economic inequality ever since X is also a key point during the campaigns. In most polls, voters identified the population crisis as their prime area of concern. Campaigning was perceived to be highly divisive, with X playing a prominent role in the discourse. Media coverage during the campaign was also extensively criticised, with various outlets accused of bias and sensationalism particularly The Analyser and the Wexdon Telegraph. Candidates utilised a variety of campaign strategies, including public rallies, televised debates, and social media engagement, to reach out to people. Opinion polls conducted leading up to the election indicated a closely contested race between the incumbent, Karren Shroff, and Gorden Payne-Smith.


According to the Fallish Constitution, a person who wishes to serve as prime minister must be a citizen of Falland, be at least 30 years old, and have been a Fallish resident for at least 20 years. An individual is forbidden from running for more than 2 terms. This will run parallel to the 2024 Fallish general election which would occur between 5-11 May.

In order to vote in the general election, one has to be on the Electoral Register, be over the age of 18 during the polling week, resident at an address in Falland, or a Fallish citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in Falland at any time. Individuals barred from voting include convicted people detained in prison or a mental hospital, unlawfully at large if the person would otherwise have been detained, or a person found guilty of certain corrupt or illegal practices.

Individuals must be registered to vote by midnight twelve days before the beginning of the election. Any person who has two homes could also be able to register to vote at both addresses as long as they are not in the same electoral area, but can only vote in one electoral division during the general election.

If Karren Shroff is elected, she would become the fourth Prime Minister of Falland to be elected a 2nd term.

Campaign issues


On 1 January 2024, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal officially announced the two nominees:

Prime Ministerial candidates as appeared on the ballot paper
1 2
Penny Mordaunt Official Cabinet Portrait, September 2022 (cropped).jpg
Glyn Davies (Welsh Politician) profile photo (cropped).jpg
Karren Shroff Gorden Payne-Smith
Liberal Bloc People's Bloc
Campaign Campaign

Opinion polling


Karren ShroffProgressive Party27,953,78051.88
Gorden Payne-SmithNew Falland Party25,927,83148.12
Valid votes53,881,61199.47
Invalid/blank votes284,7360.53
Total votes54,166,347100.00
Registered voters/turnout61,431,54888.17
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