Abētōhun Kwastantinos

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Kwastantinos Selemawi
Hachalu Hundessa in 2018 (cropped).png
Abētōhun • Crown Prince
Reign12 January 1991 – present
BornKwastantinos Selemawi
(1989-05-10) 10 May 1989 (age 33)
Hagērī Palace, Azwa, Kembesa
FatherSelemaw XIV Yegidoni
MotherJēsīka Bētuli
ReligionKembesan Orthodox Church

Military career
Allegiance Kembesa
RankKnight Lieutenant Colonel
Unit35th Infantry Regiment

Kwastantinos Selemawi, the Abētōhun, (born 10 May 1989) is the heir apparent of the Kembesan throne. The eldest child of Selemaw XIV Yegidoni, the Seyoume Igziabeher or "King" of Kembesa, Kwastantinos is expected to succeed his father as ruler of the country. Upon ascending to the throne, his regnal name will be Kwastantinos III Yegidoni. As the official heir apparent, Kwastantinos is referred to by the title "Abētōhun" or "Abetohun" meaning "Great Prince" but commonly translated as "Crown Prince". Kwastantinos's two younger brothers are referred to by the title "Abētō".

Kwastantinos was born in Hagērī Palace, the traditional home of Kembesa's royalty since the 14th century. His upbringing was conventional by the standards of Kembesan nobility. Following in the footsteps of his father, Kwastantinos attended the Junior Military College of Saint Joriji. He received a commission in the T’ori'seyoum, serving as an infantry officer, eventually attaining the rank of Knight Lieutenant Colonel at 31 years old.

In contrast to the traditional role of the Abētōhun, Kwastantinos has maintained his distance from politics and the court. He also remains unmarried and without an heir of his own. In public, Kwastantinos has a reputation as an avid hunter but is socially reclusive.

Early life and education

Kwastantinos was born in Azwa, the capital of Kembesa, on May 10, 1989. Raised in the elect household, Kwastantinos is the eldest of four children, followed by sister Katirīni a year later and brothers Kaleb and Yohon in 1992 and 1997. Kwastantinos was annointed on January 12, 1991, and bestowed the title of Abētōhun.

From infancy to the age of 14, Kwastantinos was tutored by the court, receiving a primary education in law, religion, liberal arts, and sciences. In 2003, he left the court in Azwa to attend the Junior Military College of Saint Joriji in the city of Kebera. He graduated after four years at the academy but deferred obtaining a commission until he was 22. In the interim, Kwastantinos had little presence in the public eye but traveled the world extensively in a non-official capacity.

Military career

After a three-year gap period following his graduation, Kwastantinos's military service was overdue. He accepted his first commission at the rank of Knight Captain in the Elect Army, serving with the 1st Company of the 28th Infantry Regiment. Kwastantinos was later promoted to Knight Lieutenant Colonel and reassigned to the command of the 35th Infantry Regiment.

Kwastantinos graduated the academy in 2006, the same year that hostilities between Charnea and Kembesa ceased. Most of the Abētōhun's experience in the military was in garrison duties along the border with M'biruna, with some work in the interior. In 2016, the terrorist organization Ordosocialist Focus returned, predominantly active in Kembesa's south. Kwastantinos's unit was deployed to counter-insurgency activities from August 2017 to February 2018, but was reassigned to garrison duties following that.

At the outbreak of the Fahrani Civil War, the 3rd Guard Division which encompasses the 35th Infantry was redeployed to the capital zone of Degama in garrison duties. With the onset of the Kembesan invasion in 2022, the unit was mobilized again as a rearguard unit near a defensive buildup near the Charnean border.

Personal life

The Abētōhun has led a reclusive life even by the standards of Kembesan royalty. In the course of his adult life, Kwastantinos has only made four public appearances in an official capacity. Since 2005, the Abētōhun has not attended any official Nazarist holiday ceremonies, going against several customary roles. This reclusivity predates that of Kwastantinos's father, Selemaw XIV, who began to reduce public appearances in 2014 and has not been seen directly in public since 2016.

In terms of relationships, the Abētōhun remains officially unattached. Rumours have connected Kwastantinos with several prominent women among Kembesan and Belisarian nobility. Other rumours have asserted that Kwastantinos took a vow of celibacy in 2008 and has spent a considerable amount of time in private meditation.

One of the few rumours of Kwastantinos's personal life that has been substantiated is that he is an avid hunter of both big and small game. The Abētōhun is purported to have gone on an average of 20 outings in the Kembesan crown lands alone every year since 2012. A large portion of Kwastantinos's personal trips abroad have also been dedicated to hunting exotic game.

National orders

  • ETH Order of Menelik II - Commander BAR.png Commander - Order of the Wardens of the Ark
  • ETH Order of the Star of Ethiopia - Commander BAR.png Commander - Order of Saint Gidon
  • ETH Order of Solomon BAR.png Grand Collar - Order of Saint Mika'el
  • Order of the Holy Trinity (Ethiopia) - ribbon bar.gif Grand Collar - Order of Holy Lance