Aininian Army

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Aininian Army
Armée aininienne
Active15 March 1795 - present
Country Ainin
AllegianceAininian Armed Forces
Size1,050,530 active
790,000 Republican Guards
1,150,000 secondary reserve
Motto(s)On ne passe pas.
(They shall not pass)
EngagementsAininian Revolution
Corsair War
Notasian Desert War
Nautasian Revolutions
Great Borean War
Mazari Civil War
General of the ArmiesCao Nima
Supreme CommanderFM Carl d'Iberville
Chief of StaffGen. Henri Saint-Luc

The Aininian Army is Ainin's ground force. It is the oldest service in the Aininian Armed Forces, dating to the start of the Aininian Revolution, and the largest, with over 1 million active personnel and 750,000 reservists in the Republican Guard.


Land vehicles

Name Origin Role Notes
Utility vehicles
Éclair Ascension Ainin Ainin Light utility vehicle
Général C.112 Ainin Ainin Tank transporter
Éclair M 150 Ainin Ainin Truck
Éclair M 210 Ainin Ainin Truck
Éclair Régie Ainin Ainin Truck
Éclair Tamia Ainin Ainin Truck
Fonan Liberté Ainin Ainin Truck
Fonan Victoire Ainin Ainin/File:Flag of Nevanmaa.png Nevanmaa Truck
Armoured fighting vehicles
Général DG 51 Ainin Ainin Main battle tank
Général DG 23 Ainin Ainin Main battle tank In service as training vehicle
Général BC 40 C Ainin Ainin Assault gun
Général BC 40 T Ainin Ainin Infantry fighting vehicle
Général BC 30 Ainin Ainin Infantry fighting vehicle
Général BC 32 P Ainin Ainin Tank destroyer In service with Republican Guard
Poirier T.10 Ainin Ainin Armoured personnel carrier
Fonan Girafe  Ainin/File:Flag of Nevanmaa.png Nevanmaa Infantry mobility vehicle
Général BL 3  Ainin Infantry mobility vehicle
Fonan E2 Ainin Ainin Light armoured car
Engineering and support vehicles
Marlane Gn.C 2397 Ainin Ainin Armoured bulldozer
Général BC 40 TG Ainin Ainin Armoured recovery vehicle
Général DG 23 RCP Ainin Ainin Armoured recovery vehicle In service with Army Reserve
Général DG 23 G Ainin Ainin Military engineering vehicle
FNR VA-1  Luziyca Amphibious cargo vehicle

Artillery and missile systems

Name Origin Role Notes
Rocket artillery
Poirier RQ.10 Ainin Ainin Multiple rocket launcher
COAV LRM-1  Ainin Multiple rocket launcher
Mortier Tr. 51 Ainin Ainin 107mm mortar
Mortier Tr. 78 Ainin Ainin 60mm mortar
Mortier Tr. 87 Ainin Ainin 81mm mortar
Mortier Tr. 91 Ainin Ainin 120mm mortar
Poirier M.10 Ainin Ainin 107mm mortar carrier
Obusier Tr. 69 Ainin Ainin 155mm howitzer
Obusier Tr. 75 Ainin Ainin 105mm howitzer
Obusier Tr. 205 Ainin Ainin 155mm howitzer
Général DG 37bis CAM Ainin Ainin Self-propelled 155mm howitzer
Other artillery
Artillerie côtière Tr. 14 Ainin Ainin Coastal defence artillery
Anti-aircraft systems
Point d'Éclair Ainin Ainin Man-portable air-defence system
Comburant Ainin Ainin Man-portable air-defence system
Général Bouclier Ainin Ainin Short-range air defence system
Cannon anti-avion Tr. 34 Ainin Ainin Short-range air defence system
Général Échelon Ainin Ainin Long-range air defence system
Anti-ballistic missile defence system
Général Phalange Ainin Ainin Theatre air defence system
COAV Arquebuse Ainin Ainin Anti-ballistic missile defence system
Général DG 23 AA Ainin Ainin Self-propelled air defence system
Général BC 40 AA Ainin Ainin Self-propelled air defence system
Other missiles
MAN-6 Ainin Ainin Anti-ship missile
MBT-1 Ainin Ainin Surface-to-surface ballistic missile
MBM-2 Ainin Ainin Theatre ballistic missile system
Mobile nuclear missile system
MBN-4 Ainin Ainin Intercontinental ballistic missile


Name Origin Role Notes
Small arms
ARL P16 Ainin Ainin Service pistol
ARL C2 Ainin Ainin Service rifle
ARL C1 Ainin Ainin Service rifle In service with Army Reserve
ARL F9 Ainin Ainin Service rifle In service with Army Reserve
ARL F9 TIR Ainin Ainin Designated marksman rifle
ARS-STORM  Sjealand Service rifle In service with special forces
ARP P.17  Ainin Ceremonial rifle
ARL Cannonier Ainin Ainin Anti-materiel rifle
ARP P.101 Ainin Ainin Sniper rifle
ARL F5 MTL Ainin Ainin Personal defence weapon In service with special forces
ARP P.220 Ainin Ainin Submachine gun
ARL F9 MTR  Ainin Squad automatic weapon
ARP Fusillade Ainin Ainin General-purpose machine gun
ARP Bélier  Ainin Heavy machine gun
Grenade-P Tr. 24 Ainin Ainin Fragmentation grenade
PXL-1 Ainin Ainin Individual grenade launcher
NAS-E Ainin Ainin Rifle-mounted grenade launcher
PX-6 Ainin Ainin Automatic grenade launcher
Mine-AP Tr. 11 Ainin Ainin Anti-personnel mine
Mine-AC Tr. 6 Ainin Ainin Anti-tank mine
Lance-roquettes Tr. 73 Ainin Ainin Man-portable anti-tank rocket launcher
PST-1 Ainin Ainin Man-portable anti-tank weapon
MACP-1 Ainin Ainin Man-portable anti-tank missile system In service with Army Reserve
MACP-2 Ainin Ainin Man-portable anti-tank missile system
MAC-2 Ainin Ainin Anti-tank missile system


Name Origin Role Notes
Azimut Helicopters 52 Polaris Ainin Ainin Attack helicopter
Resnick A120  Luziyca Transport helicopter
Azimut Helicopters 17bis  Ainin Utility helicopter
ACARA H.17  Ainin Utility helicopter
ACARA H.7 Ainin Ainin Utility helicopter
Azimut Helicopters 8 Ainin Ainin Utility helicopter
Fixed-wing aircraft
Azimut 44 Saturne  Ainin Transport aircraft
Azimut 51 Liber  Ainin Transport aircraft
Azimut Chronos C  Ainin Airborne command post
Unmanned aerial vehicles
Azimut SIF Ainin Ainin Reconnaissance drone
ARL Tonnerre Ainin Ainin Reconnaissance drone

Rank structure

Officer ranks
Field marshal[a]
Maréchal de camp
Mestre de camp
Student officer
OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 Student
<imgur w="60">BEmTWot.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">7VEN86t.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">UFcCEv9.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">FdBkrmG.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">1Px09hH.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">N0BkHPq.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">T6bDX8S.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">ALjMHBq.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">nsqMEis.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">4HBk6AL.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">VK11Fvq.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">wuRozTN.png</imgur>
Enlisted and non-commissioned officer ranks
Master sergeant
Chief sergeant
Chief corporal
Varies by unit[b] Private
OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
<imgur w="60">v7PpB39.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">QWoy7HU.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">udzzbUY.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">drRwmJu.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">hsOI3rO.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">ChXvyAQ.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">8T21iFN.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">rxGEcMa.png</imgur> <imgur w="60">dXvuMnp.png</imgur>
a.^ Only active 1797-1801, 1803-1810, 1880-1896, 1944-1948, 1964-1977 and 2016-present.
b.^ Each type of unit has a specific name for the OR-2 name, namely fusilier (light infantry), carabinier (line infantry), hussard (hussar, light cavalry), lancier (lancer, heavy cavalry), artilleur (artilleryman; artillery), ingénieur (engineer; engineering), infirmier (medic; medicine), prévot (provost; military police) and sentinelle (sentinel; support and reconaissance).