Republican Guard (Ainin)

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Republican Guard
Shoulder patch
Active11 January 1797 - present
Country Ainin
AllegianceAininian Armed Forces
BranchAininian Army
TypeArmy Reserve
Nickname(s)The Guards, The Spirit of the Republic
Motto(s)Quis custodiet?
(Who guards?)
Colors  Gold
CommanderGen. Marc Thomas
Deputy CommanderLt. Gen Ann Finley
AdjutantWO1 Duke Roswell

The Republican Guard (French: Gardes républicains) are a military reserve force of the Aininian Army and the oldest unit of the Aininian Armed Forces in continuous existence. They are the second-largest of the Aininian Armed Forces' seven reserve forces (Republican Guard, Army Secondary Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Naval Reserve, Naval Auxiliary Reserve, Gendarmerie Auxiliary, Joint Cadet Officer Cadre), behind the Army Secondary Reserve.

It plays a significant role in the operations of the Aininian Army and is organised into seven corps, each having jurisdiction over a province.