Akannite Noble War

Akannite Noble War

Akannite Noble Class eliminated

First Order of K'vari Akannite Noble Class
Commanders and leaders
Circe the Righeous Gabriel Donauri

The Akannite Noble War was a war that took place during the Circean Era in the Pre-Timeless Era between the First Order of K'vari and the Akannite Noble Class. The battle is described in Imedio Honour about the history based on accounts from Sauromaces and Syrexia. Circean Accounts have also given accurate accounts however give a more embellished introspective as well as introduce several myths surrounding the war.

The War was initiated by Circe the Righteous against the noble class including the purported ruler of the nobles, Gabriel Donauri, in order to consolidate their power. The economic system for the existing First Order of K'vari had become stratified since the introduction of Akannite Class System. The idea, introduced by Saul of Homitians during the Saulican Era and retained by Medea the Scribe during the Medean Era. However during the Medean Era, it was described that conditions had worsened significantly and that the due to the class system, the economic system had become stratified.