DistrictsCentral Albith (Midtown), North Albith (Uptown), South Albith (Downtown), East Albith (East Quay), West Albith (West Port)
 • Capital1,000 km2 (400 sq mi)
 • Metro
81,000 km2 (31,000 sq mi)
 • Capital2,800,000
 • Metro

The City of Albith is the capital of the Grand Republic of Albithica, and is officially the only "city" in the country. One of the more unique cities in Anteria, the Albithia Metropolitan Area is remarkably large in size, while also boasting a relatively low density of population. There are very few high density developments in the Greater Albith Area, except for in the South Albith District, the commercial downtown area of the capital. North Albith (locally known as Uptown) was once a very affluent, aesthetically beautiful neighborhood. The Grand Republic located the majority of their government facilities there due to the district's renown, and it is now home to the famous Grand Triangle, which is the symbolic center of Albithican politics. West Albith (West Port) is the oldest area of the city, with many historic locations. However, in recent times, West Port has become the locale of a very sizable LGBT community, arguably making the entire West Albith district the largest LGBT neighborhood in Anteria. East Albith (East Quay) was once a major industrial/shipping area during the first Republic, but has gradually developed into a collection of several ethnic neighborhoods hailing from cultures around the world. Central Albith (Midtown), being the center of the city, has taken elements from the other districts, becoming a genuine mixture of commercial enterprise, cultural diversity, aesthetic beauty, and historical significance. The Montgomery Building, which is located in Midtown, has recently become known for the location of the Albith Conference.