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Anteria AnteriaAstro.png
Anteria and the Moon
The World, Terra
Orbital characteristics
Epoch A2000
Aphelion152100000 km (94500000 mi)
Perihelion147095000 km (91401000 mi)
149598023 km (92955902 mi)
365 d (12.0 months)
29.78 km/s (18.50 mi/s)
Satellites1 natural satellite: Moon
2,000+ operational artificial satellites
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius
6378.1 km (3963.2 mi)
Polar radius
6356.8 km (3949.9 mi)
Circumference40075.017 km (24901.461 mi) (equatorial)
40007.86 km (24859.73 mi) (meridional)
(316,944,000 mi2)
Volume1.08321 × 1012km3
Mass5.97237 x 1024 kg
Mean density
5.514 g/cm3
9.807 m/s2
11.186 km/s (6.951 mi/s)
0.99726968 d (23.934472 h)
Equatorial rotation velocity
0.4651 km/s (0.2890 mi/s)
Albedo0.367 geometric
0.306 Bond
Surface temp. min mean max
Celsius −89.2 °C 14.9 °C 56.9 °C
Fahrenheit −128 °F 58.7 °F 134.3 °F
Surface pressure
101.325 kPa (at MSL)
Composition by volume78.08% nitrogen (N2) (dry air)
20.95% oxygen (O2)
0.930% argon
0.039% carbon dioxide (climate-variable)

Anteria, also known as The World or Terra, is the second planet in the Tendor System, between Slahonus and Stratos. It is the only planet in the circumstellar habitable zone, as well as the only one to experience the greenhouse effect. These conditions have permit Anteria to be the only known body to harbor life. The majority of Anteria is covered in water, however the areas that are land are highly diverse.The Northern and Southern poles are covered in ice. 6 main continents make up the Anterian landmasses, most of these determined by natural fault lines and tectonic plates. Anteria's core is solid iron, while the mantle is liquid, and forms Anteria's magnetic field.

Radiometric dating among other methods have estimated that Anteria is approximately 4.6 billion years old, roughly the same age as the Sun. The Moon is estimated to have began orbiting around 4.5 billion years ago. Because of the existence of water, likely due to comets impacting, microscopic organisms may have appeared as early as 4 billion years ago. Life, however, has gone through many phases, including several extinction events, as well as constant evolution. It is estimated that 98-99% of all living beings that have ever existed on Anteria, are extinct. Anatomically modern humans are estimated to have first appeared roughly 500,000 years ago, and as of today, humans are both the only intelligent life known in the universe, as well as the only to ever invent tools. The human existence has impacted Anteria drastically since the industrial revolution, as smoke has filled the air and Anteria has slowly been polluted.

The atmosphere consists primarily of nitrogen and oxygen. Solar energy is primarily recieved in the tropical regions. The greenhouse effect determines much of how Anteria's life forms as well as how breathable the air is. The climate of a specific region is dependent on several factors, such as latitude, altitude, and whether or not it is on the coast. Almost all climates experience some form of natural disaster, such as sandstorms, cyclones, or floods.



Below are listed the known countries that have formed in Anteria.

Map of Recognized Countries in Anteria

Extra Info

†Population has not yet been adjusted to fit with guidelines.

Flag CoA/Seal Short and formal names Capital Population Government
Actual Abjekistan Flag.png Emblem of Abjekistan.png Abjekistan – The United Democratic Republics of Abjekistan Noruzabad 166,722,000 Federal Parliamentary republic
Adrinian Flag 10 Star.png Adrinian Coat of Arms.png Adrinian -The Republic of Adrinian Adrinian City 19,910,000 Parliamentary Republic
Albithica 246628.png Albithica – The Grand Republic of Albithica Albith 96,538,255 Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Aleni flag.png TBA Aleni TBA 49,239,329 Feudal Theocratic Monarchy
FlagofAmrelia3.png AmreliaCOA5.png Amrelia – Amrelian Federative Republic Whiteford 75,721,796 Federal multi-party assembly-independent directorial republic
Flag Gran Rugido New (1).png GR New CoA.png Anáhuac - Federal Republic of Anáhuac San Jorge Xayacatlán 112,095,000 Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Anderum Flag.png Anderum Coat of Arms.png Anderum - The Confederation of Anderum Sangur 32,234,658 Constitutional Aristocratic Confederation
Alvsberg flag.png Sheild of Alvsberg.png Alvsberg – Mountainous Republic of Alvsberg Kungskrona 6,000,000 Unitary parliamentary republic
ArkadiacFlag.svg ArkadiacCOA.png Arkadiac - The Confederation of Arkadiac Roukere 19,504,307 Confederated Dual Republic
Artemisyaflag.png Artemiscoa.png Artemisya - The Commonwealth of Artemisya Diana 11,000,000 Unitary assembly-independent diarchic directorial republic
FlagofArzaqa.png TBA Arzaqa - The Federal Republic of Arzaqa Nazarab 23,265,843 Federal parliamentary republic
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Aziallis – The Union of Aziallis Seruf 400,000,000 Federal Republic
State Flag Bakyern.png Bakyernian Coat of Arms LowerREVISED.png Bakyern – Greater State of the Bakyernian Nation Kalvat 105,531,984 Unitary Presidential State under a Dominant Party System
Barcerian flag 3.png Barcerian COA 2.png Barceria – The Barcerian Monarchy Tsialaht 1,251,986 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Nationale flag 3.4.png Code of arms CRD.png Canton River Delta – The United prefectures of Canton River Delta Canton 867,000,000 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Chantadea flag.png

TBA Chantadea - The Kingdom of Chantadea Pedrouzo 61,500,200 Semiconstitutional Presidential Monarchy
Chozko flag.png TBA Chozko - The Republic of Chozko Kalakov 25,000,000 Parliamentary Republic
Cordomonivence flag.png Cordobez National Coat of Arms.png Cordomonivence - The Democratic States of Cordomonivence Cordobenza 66,575,848 Federal presidential constitutional republic
DeimoseutFlag.png TBA Deimoseut – The Federal Republic of Deimoseut Zentid 42,056,811 Federal Republic
Flag of the Eldmoran Empire.png Coat of Arms of the Eldmoran Empire.png Eldmora – The Eldmoran Empire Maessen 125,079,584 Federal Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
En flag.jpg Coat of Arms of Encessia.png Encessia – The Auteker of Encessia Samepo 62,200,000 Unitary Hybrid Dictatorship
Faragint flag.jpg Faragint coa.png Faragint – Democratic Republic of Faraga & Ginta Valbard 43,062,800 Authoritarian Presidential Republic
Fichmanistan flag.png File:Fichmanistan Coat Of Arms.jpeg Fichmanistan – Republic of Fichmanistan Une Grad 9,350,000 Unitary parliamentary democracy
New Flatstone Flag.png Flatstone.png Flatstone – The Second Kingdom Of Flatstone Vedoti 16,000,000 Federal Monarchy
Flrysflag.png FlourystrianCoat.png Flourystria - Grand Duchy of Flourystria Mystihiche 62,565,231 Unitary State Under a Parliamentary Democratic Monarchy
Foxomexra.jpg TBA Foxomexra – Federal Republic of Foxomexra Ardgan 97,551,326 Federal Republic
Screenshot 2021-10-01 9.53.22 AM.png TBA Frarstizk - The Grand Dutchy of Frarstizk Eamni 20,000,000 Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of Freice.png National Emblem of Freice.png Freice – Country of Freice Sekapa 14,158 Devolved parliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy
FC.jpg WSR CoA.png Fresian Confederacy – The Confederation of Fresia Seafort 80,656,576 Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Fuxa flag.png TBA Fuxa - The United States of Fuxa Rabili 40,100,954 Semipresidential Federal Republic
GABRIE!.png File:Gabriellandcoa.png Gabrielland – The Union of Republics of Gabrielland Վաիլհիևմս
18,454,000 Presidential Constitutional Federal Republic
Galeteri new2.png GaleteriCoA.png Galeteri – Commonwealth of Galeteri Regenza 66,452,410 Semi-Direct Democratic Directorial Federal Republic
Galicianna flag.png Galianna coatt.jpg Galicianna – Kingdom of Galicianna Monteaño 122,590,878 Unitary Constitutional Monarchy
GIflagUPDATE.png GIemblem.png Ganji Islands - Republic of Ganji Islands Marley 27,700,748 Republic
Gassasinian Flag3.png Gassasinian Insignia2.png Gassasinia - Republic of Gassasinia Jabiyah City 33,122,022 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
New gavrilia 410999.png GavrilianCoatOfArms.png Gavrilia - Kingdom of Gavrilia Gavrilopolis 42,168,486 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GeordiniaFlag.png Greater state coat of arms of geordinia.png Geordinia - Kingdom of Geordinia Portland 61,521,316 Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Grangua – Lýðveldisveldi of Grangua (i exist) DæçaÞiorður 203,524,182 Moralistic Democracy / Oligarchy
Greater Penguinia.png Greater Penguinia Crest.png Greater Penguinia - Kingdom of Greater Penguinia Frostbergh 72,934,813 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Gregorian Flag.png Gregorian COA.png Gregoria - Evardom of Gregoria Ananuri 6,432,332 Unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
Hatstheput.jpg Hatstheputcoa.png Hatstheput – Democratic Republic of Hatstheput Hatstheput City 29,000,000 Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic
Screenshot 2021-06-28 15-52-43.png
Hiblund – Republic of Hiblund Vovilveante NCD 26,634,000 Moralistic Democracy
HondoniaFlagsvg.svg HondoniaCoA.png Hondonia – The Republic of Hondonia Demirest 17,338,142 Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Flag of Hoterallia.png Emblem of Hoterallia.png Hoterallia – Second Empire of Hoterallia Oracloer 76,504,980 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Drapeau Hylien 3.png

Hylian Cross.png Hylia – The United State of the Hylian Republic Santiago de Hylia 79,982,400 Federal Semi Presidential Republic
Hyliastor new.png Hyliastor coat of arms.png Hyliastor – Kingdom of Hyliastor Skala 40,049,336 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
InnerMationsAststan.png TBA Inner Mations Aststan - The Confederation of Inner Mations Aststan Orley 315,000 Democratic Federal Republic
Inner Bammv Cite Sirld.png Inner Bammv Cite Sirld Coa.png Inner Bammv Cite Sirld – The Republic of Inner Bammv Cite Sirld Cite City 90,000,000 Republic
ShaustriaflagV81.png Shauscoat.png Imperial Shaustria - The Holy Empire of Imperial Shaustria Gran Fénix 150,630,234 Autocratic Theocracy
Isrist flag.svg TBA Isrist – Queendom of Isrist TBA 20,096,736 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Iwoniannewflagstate.png NBA Iwonia - Empire of Iwonia Greater Lumia 24,724,120 Dictatorial Monarchy
Fakeflag-ph1-pr1-pr2-jo2-jo4-jo5-pc1.png CoA Kakland.png Kakland – The Federal Republic of Kakland Jahgajh 62,494,456 Constitutional Presidential Federal Republic
Kentalis Flag.png KENTALIS Coat of arms.png Kentalis – The Republic of Kentalis Polácica 64,843,589 Parliamentary Representative Republic
(1)KH.png TBA Khirmania - The Holy State of Khirmania Mukada 18,786,598 Unitary theocratic semi-absolute elective monarchy
KilowattFlag.png File:KilowattCoA.jpg Kilowatt – The Grand Republic of Kilowatt Estrion 503,189,000 Constitutional Federal Directorial Republic
Kistoliaflagnew.png Kistoliacoatnew.png Kistolia - The Democratic Republic of Kistolia New Hesoluo 40,823,623 Democratic Republic
Flag Of Kiyortza.png TBA Kiyortza – The United States of Kiyortza Kittalor 193,736,000 Democratic Federal Republic
Official Flag of Laguaira.png Official Coat of Arms of Laguaira.png Laguaira – The Maritime and Salazarian Republic of Laguaira Puerto Paraíso 12,117,204 Federal Presidential Republic
Flag of The Dark Skies.png The Dark Skies Coat of Arms.png Lehmhügel - The Lehmhügel Republic Lehmhügel 43,243,778 Unitary Dominant Party Republic under a Personalist Dictatorship
La Montilla Flag.png Montilla CoA.png La Montilla - The People's Republic of la Montilla Guaitiao 16,127,519 Unitary Marxist-Leninist One-party Socialist Republic
LesserVelutaria.png TBA Lesser Velutaria - The Empire of Lesser Velutaria New Volustia TBA TBA
LindstatenFlag.png LindstatenCOA.jpg Lindstaten – Kingdom of Lindstaten Schloss-Burgund 5,00,000 Constitutional Monarchy
Ludviska 161785.png TBA Ludviska - Republic of Ludviska Millago 58,850,650 Parliamentary Unitary Republic
Mbuntrare Flag.png Coat of arms of Nyasaland (1914–1925).svg Mbuntrare - The Republic of Mbuntrare Ketonbo 709,735 Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Medtricolor.png Stgeorgearms7.png Medovia – The Republic of Medovia Gavarnik 17,450,200 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
State of mehrava flag.jpg Mehrava Emblem State.png Mehrava - State of Mehrava Azhtanan 83,183,741 Unitary Presidental Republic
Melide.jpg TBA Melide - Principality of Melide Melide 10,500,000 Principality
Moldanovica Flag.png Moldanovica COA.png Moldanovica – Republic of Moldanovica Sopava 48,320,329 Federal Parliamentary, Constitutional Monarchy
Monteblancoflag.png Monteblancocoa.png Monte Blanco – Republic of Monte Blanco Montginia 137,520,000 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Oldmorrawia15.png GreatNationalCOA05.png Morrawia - Republic of Morrawia Králowec 87,500,000 Federal Presidential Republic

Mydelia coat of arms

Mydelia - Kingdom of Mydelia Perkinsbury TBA Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Myrodraeth Flag.png TBA Myrodraeth – The Kingdom of Myrodraeth Lyandul 8,647,302 Semi-Presidential Constitutional Monarchy
Nerany.png File:Nerany CoA.png Nerany – The Serene Republic of Nerany Innani 67,400,000 Unitary Presidential Republic
NeuewlandFlag.png TBA Neuewland – The Crown Plutocracy of Neuewland Neuhamlet 49,000,000 Crown Plutocracy
NewGujoFlag 50.png TBA New Gujo - The Republic of New Gujo Gueriz TBA Inoffensive Centrist Democracy 174826.png Newolo Coat Of Arms.png Newolo – The Federal Republic of Newolo The Governate of Gatnes 5,000,000 Federal Republic
Flag of New Sebronia 2.png CoA of New Sebronia.png New Sebronia - The New Republic of Sebronia / The New Sebric Republic Haæstre 112,048,592 Federal Democratic Parliamentary Republic
Flag of norvia.png Norvish Emblem.png Norvinia - Unitary Republic of Norvia/Norvinia Ashborne 18,512,060 Unitary Presidential Republic
NexalanFlag.PNG Nexalan EN - smol.png Nexalan - The Democratic Republic of Nexalan Elmer 411,123,402 Democratic Republic
NA Flag.png NA Coat2.png Ny Aasveig - The Metropolitan Republic of Ny Aasveig Såhberg & Sørgberg 17,983,647 Parliamentary Bi-Presidential Republic
Royal flag of Paxaklemtorno.png State emblem of Paxaklemtorno.png Paxaklemtorno - The Kingdoms of Paxaklemtorno Niquenunipe 8,905,232 Semi-direct democracy under a federal constitutional monarchy
New Pelostan Flag.png TBA Pelostan - The Citystate of Pelostan Vkafa 5,924,347 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Citystate
Prei meas no writings.png Prei meas coat of arms.png Prei Meas- The Nokor of Prei Meas Tikrongmeas 150,506,301 Constitutional Monarchy
URW.png URWcoa.png Prybourne – The Constitutional Corporatocracy of Prybourne Duron 2,415,325,153 Constitutional Corporatocratic Republic
Flag (103).png TBA Prymalia - The Grand Khaganate of Prymalia Khälkhaagal 8,758,799 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Racinia Flag.png TBA Racinia - The Republic of Racinia Sicuri 53,364,736 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Riamo flag 1.png TBA COA Riamo Guri 128,643,589 Federal Asymmetric Republic
Flag of riojania.png Seal of riojania.png Riojania Gunnerton 11,000,000 Federal Democratic Council
Rosalian Flag.png TBA Rosaliart Santander 21,500,000 Unitary Semiconstitutional Monarchy
Sacrofnia flag.png New THTHI Map.png Sacrofnia – The Federation of the Great National Sacrofnia Board Sarcon 93,843,258 Multi-System Federated Republic
Salamatfl.png SalamatCoA.png Salamat – The People's Democratic Republic of Salamat Dar Al Hamma 28,439,211 Unitary semi-presidential republic
Salerit.png TBA Salerit – United States of Salerit Reivel 97,512,680 Federal Presidential Republic
SL FLAG.png TBA Sagolsh- The Free Island of Sagolsh Sagolsh (city) 29 752 Constitutional Monarchy
SáðarFlag.svg SáðarCoA.svg Sauthar - The Royal Sovereignty of Sauthar Röðväärt 5,451,648 Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
KingdomOfSanCalia.png SanCalianCOA.png San Calia- The Clear Islands of San Calia Solana Beach 51,000,000 Monarchy
Sanjion.PNG TBA Sanjion- The Constitutional Monarchy of Sanjion Binyo 123,100,000 Constitutional Monarchy
SayhurbahFlag.png File:SayhurbahCoA.png Sayhurbah- Emirate of Ar-Sayhurbah Ar-Sayhurbah (City-state) 521 Unitary teocracy
Flag of senefpat.png Coa of senefpat.png Senefpat- Seventh Empire of Senefpat and the Seven Realms Men-nefer 103,112,677 Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
ShadoveilFlag.png ShadoveilCoA.png Shadoveil- Federated Kingdoms of Shadoveil Innä 93,770,205 Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
SilvadumFlag.png SilvadumCoA.svg Silvadum City- Silvadum City State Silvadum City (City-state) 912 Unitary teocracy
Speke flag.png ScouseCoARealistic.png Speke - Republic of Speke Merseyside 37,420,690 Moralistic Democracy
Sventsa Flag.png TBA Sventsa - The Republic of Sventsa Sveista 23,542,201 Democratic Republic
SwishFlagProposed.jpg Swishcoa.png Swinas - Republic of Swinas Cape Cresta City 42,299,153 Republic
Flagoftaunux.png TBA Taunux – Federation of Taunux Daragas 14,739,192 Unitary Presidential Republic
Confed of tesdai flag.png TBA TESDAI - The Monarchical Confederation of TESDAI Tāone TESDAI 6,930,830 Confederated Monarchy
FlagofTethale.png TBA Tethale – The United Kingdom Of Tethale Suli 651,256 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag (2) TCB.svg National Emblem of The Cape Bay.png The Cape Bay - The Royal United Territories of The Cape Bay Terfanmar 114,231,827 Royal Democratic Republic (Constitutional Monarchy)
Flag of Tiskaiya.jpg CoA of Tiskaiya.png Tiskaiya - The Second Tsardom of Tiskaiya Oryshevsk 82,795,132 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
File:.png TBA Toendraland – The Commonwealth of Toendraland TBA 327,936 Parliamentary Constitutional Elective Monarchy
Torvon Flag1.jpg Torvon coat of arms1 .jpg Torvon – The Kingdom of Torvon Palača Bogov 72,486,928 Unitary Parlimentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of The Republic of Toubaze.png Toubaze Coat of Arms.png Toubaze – The Republic of Toubaze Taubon 48,924,000 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Flag of Tsokeiku.png TBA Tsokeiku – The Royal Democracy of Tsokeiku Dokodo 500,090,000 Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of Valcouria.png Valcouria Coat of Arms.png Valcouria – The Empire of Valcouria Bainbridge 82,098,730 Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of the Nina Islands.png TBA The Vanna - The Democratic Federation of the Vanna TBD TBD Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Vescmon.png TBA Vescarium - The Kingdom of Vescarium Satornia 29,759,611 Dominant-Party Constitutional Monarchy
VileriaFlag.png VileriaCoA.svg.png Vileria – Federation of Vileria Florence 25,364,230 Federal parliamentary monarchy
Visargia Flag.png Shield of Visargia.png Visargia - Republic of Visargia Kiem 72,818,038 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Wassilia Flag.png Wassilia COA.png Wassilia – The Federal Republic of Wassilia Tyonek 41,798,810 Federal Republic
Weissmark Flag 1.png TBA Whitmarche – The Grand Duchy of Whitmarche Ricsfurt 3,390,000 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag (36).png TBA Xzavaria - The Allied Federations of Xzavaria Iatrəi 43,430,752 Constitutional Federation

Yryel flag revision 1.jpg

TBA Yryel - The Kingdom of Yryel Ramah 107,540,000 De Jure Absolute Monarchy
ZhenganFlag.png TBA Zhengan – The People's Republic of Zhengan Hangzhou 4,245,000,000 Single-Party State
ZhoushengFlag.png ZhoushengCoA.png Zhousheng – Federal Republic of Zhousheng Kandan 149,350,000 Pluralistic Decentralized Unitary Democracy