Anteria AnteriaAstro.png
Anteria and Moon
The World
Orbital characteristics
Epoch A2000
Aphelion152100000 km (94500000 mi)
Perihelion147095000 km (91401000 mi)
149598023 km (92955902 mi)
365 d (12.0 months)
29.78 km/s (18.50 mi/s)
Satellites1 natural satellite: Moon
2,000+ operational artificial satellites
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius
6378.1 km (3963.2 mi)
Polar radius
6356.8 km (3949.9 mi)
Circumference40075.017 km (24901.461 mi) (equatorial)
40007.86 km (24859.73 mi) (meridional)
(316,944,000 mi2)
Volume1.08321 × 1012km3
Mass5.97237 x 1024 kg
Mean density
5.514 g/cm3
9.807 m/s2
11.186 km/s (6.951 mi/s)
0.99726968 d (23.934472 h)
Equatorial rotation velocity
0.4651 km/s (0.2890 mi/s)
Albedo0.367 geometric
0.306 Bond
Surface temp. min mean max
Celsius −89.2 °C 14.9 °C 56.9 °C
Fahrenheit −128 °F 58.7 °F 134.3 °F
Surface pressure
101.325 kPa (at MSL)
Composition by volume78.08% nitrogen (N2) (dry air)
20.95% oxygen (O2)
0.930% argon
0.039% carbon dioxide (climate-variable)

Anteria is a planet in the Tendor System existing as the sole celestial body within the circumstellar habitable zone as the second from the Sun resulting with the added greenhouse effect of the atmosphere making it, so far, the only object in the Universe known to harbor life. According to radiometric dating, Anteria is believed to have formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago. Anteria is the home world of humanity, which ,so far, is the only known intelligent life in the Universe. Archaeological evidences suggest that anatomically modern humans first appeared about on Anteria 500,000 years ago.





Political Names.png
Map of known Anteria countries
Below are listed the known countries that have formed in Anteria.

Flag CoA Short and formal names Capital Population Government
Albithica 246628.png Albithica – The Grand Republic of Albithica Albith 96,538,255 Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Aleni flag.png TBA Aleni TBA 49,239,329 Feudal Theocratic Monarchy
FlagofAmrelia.png AmreliaCOA2.png Amrelia – Amrelian Federative Republic Whiteford 75,359,546 Federal parliamentary republic
Anderum Flag.png Anderum Coat of Arms.png Anderum - The Confederation of Anderum Sangur 32,234,658 Constitutional Aristocratic Confederation
AteeniaFlagNew.png CoatAteenia.png Ateenia – The Free Kingdom of Ateenia Athano 16,243,201 Feudal Absolute Monarchy
Aziflag.png TBA Aziallis – The Union of Aziallis Seruf 266,000,000 Federated Constitutional Elective Monarchy
Bakyern.png TBA Bakyern – Federal Republic of Bakyern Wicht 94,000,000 Federal Wenelistic Presidential Republic
Bendanrepflag.png TBA Bendan – The Kingdom of Bendan Brno 64,000,000 Constitutional Monarchy
Dulando13.png 100px Dulando – The Federal Duchy of Dulando Grahmburg 20,000,000 Federal Monarchy
Encessian Flag.jpg Encessian Coat of Arms.png Encessia – The Kingdom of Encessia Lonue 45,700,000 Consitutional Monarchy
Second Nationalist Flatstone.png Flatstone.png Flatstone - Dictatorship of Flatstone Shale 5,600,000 Right-wing Dictatorship
Foxomexra.jpg TBA Foxomexra – Federal Republic of Foxomexra Ardgan 97,551,326 Federal Republic
GABRIE!.png 100px Gabrielland – The Union of Republics of Gabrielland Վաիլհիևմս
18,454,000 Presidential Constitutional Federal Republic
GIflag.jpg GIemblem.png Ganji Islands - Democratic Republic of Ganji Islands Marley 17,700,748 Democratic Republic
GeordiniaFlag.png Greater state coat of arms of geordinia.png Geordinia - Kingdom of Geordinia Portland 61,521,316 Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Grafenland flagge 2019.png Grafenland coa.png Grafenland – Confederation of Grafenland Grafenkron 21,570,000 Federal semi-direct democracy under a multi-party Parliamentary Directorial Republic
TBA TBA Grangua – Empire of Grangua Grangua 980,000 Absolute Monarchy
Halsuntrian Flag.png TBA Halsuntria - The Federation of Halsuntria Saluntberg 12,740,000 Conservative Parochial Oligarchy
Hatstheput.jpg Hatstheputcoa.png Hatstheput – Democratic Republic of Hatstheput Hatstheput City 29,000,000 Constitutional Federal Presidential Republic
InnerMationsAststan.png TBA Inner Mations Aststan - The Confederation of Inner Mations Aststan Orley 315,000 Democratic Federal Republic
Kentalis Flag.png KENTALIS Coat of arms.png Kentalis – The Republic of Kentalis Kentasi 64,843,589 Parliamentary Representative Republic
KilowattFlag.png 100px Kilowatt – The Grand Republic of Kilowatt Estrion 503,189,000 Constitutional Federal Directorial Republic
Kissankyla.png TBA Kissankyla – The Free State of Kissankyla Belogor 41,731,690 Stratocratic Republic
Kkkkk.png Kistolia.png Kistolia - The Republic of Kistolia New Rucklesburg 10,635,384 Parliamentary Republic
Flag Of Kiyortza.png TBA Kiyortza – The United States of Kiyortza Kittalor 193,736,000 Democratic Federal Republic
Krogingrad Flag.png TBA Krogingrad – Dictatorship of Krogingrad Krogingrad (City) TBA Right-wing Dictatorship
Layfetian Flag.png TBA Layfet – The Democratic Republic of Layfet Tonnes 43,000,000 Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Lesser Velutaria flag.png TBA Lesser Velutaria - The Empire of Lesser Velutaria New Volustia TBA TBA
Flag of Losnary.png Coat of Arms Losnary.png Losnary - The State of Losnary Losnary 695,520 Unitary Christian absolute monarchy
Lat8oo.png Stgeorgearms5.png Medovia – The Republic of Medovia Gavarnik 17,450,200 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Myrodraeth Flag.png TBA Myrodraeth – The Kingdom of Myrodraeth Lyandul 8,647,302 Semi-Presidential Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of Neferheim.png Coa of Neferheim.png Neferheim – The democratic Republic of Neferheim Koinsberg 25,000,000 Democratic consulary Republic
Nerany.png 100px Nerany – The Serene Republic of Nerany Innani 67,400,000 Unitary Presidential Republic
NeuewlandFlag.png TBA Neuewland – The Crown Plutocracy of Neuewland Neuhamlet 49,000,000 Crown Plutocracy
NewGujoFlag 50.png TBA New Gujo - The Republic of New Gujo Gueriz TBA Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
New Sarmathia Flag.png New Sarmathia COA.png New Sarmathia – The Federal Republic of New Sarmathia New Odessa 17,767,112 Federal Democratic Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Flag of NS.png CoA of New Sebronia.png New Sebronia - The Federal Republic of New Sebronia Haæstre 111,451,073 Federal Democratic Parliamentary Republic
NewWraithiaflag.jpg TBA New Wraithia - The Holy Empire of New Wraithia Nova Roma TBA Semi-elective, functionally absolute monarchy
NexalanFlag.PNG Nexalan EN - smol.png Nexalan – The Democratic Republic of Nexalan Elmer Beach 211,123,000 Democratic Republic
Paslin Flag.png TBA Paslin - The Allied States of Paslin Kaine 17,342,450 Democratic Federal Republic
Plattinum .Flag.png TBA Plattinum - Hai Oþþeryorldom of Plattinum Hitoiruburk 77,962,262 Federal Executive Constitutional Semi-Hereditary Monarchy
Polder Eiland Flag.png Polder Eiland CoA.png Polder Eiland – Republik de Polder Eiland De Haven 24,248,912 Constitutional Federal Republic
Prei meas no writings.png Prei meas coat of arms.png Prei Meas- The Nokor of Prei Meas Tikrongmeas 150,506,301 Constitutional Monarchy
URW.png URWcoa.png Prybourne – The Constitutional Corporatocracy of Prybourne Duron 2,415,325,153 Constitutional Corporatocratic Republic
Flag of Republic of Qazhshava.png Qazhshava CoA.png Qazhshava – Republic of Qazhshava Ts'vale 42,909,690 Unitary Presidential Republic (de jure)
Russatrovan flag.png Russatrova coa.png Russatrova – The Soviet Regime of Soyedinennyye Russatrova Respubliki Bogdan 673,421,130 Soviet Socialist State
Rvandonia-3.png TBA Rvandonia – The Federation of Rvandonia Lindamäe 59.987.730 Federated Parliamentary Republic
Etyhdehdh.png New THTHI Map.png Sacrofnia – The Federation of the Great National Sacrofnia Board Sacron 93.843.258 Multi-System Federated Republic
KingdomOfSanCalia.png SanCalianCOA.png San Calia- The Clear Islands of San Calia Solana Beach 51,000,000 Monarchy
Sharkdonian flag.jpg TBA Sharkdonia- Autocratic Statocracy of Sharkdonia Sharkdon 472,000,000 Autocratic Stratocracy
Shedehnoah 75305.png CoatOfArmsShedehnoahRework-6.png Shedehnoah- United States of Shedehnoah Shedehvill 794,670 Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Sofrezian Flag.jpg TBA Sofrezia – Socialist Armed Republic of Sofrezia Syropolis 1,016,508 Multi-party parliamentary republic
Newflagspeke.png TBA Speke - United Kingdom of Speke Merseyside 37,420,690 Moralistic Democracy
Flag of Suoden.png Suoden Coat of Arms.png Suoden -The Kingdom of Souden Suoden 68,208,143 Federal Parliamentary Monarchy
Sventsa Flag.png Sventsa Coats of Arms.png Sventsa - The Republic of Sventsa Sveista 19,600,000 Republic
The Cyclone.PNG TBA The Cyclone -The Federal Harmony Republic of The Cyclone New Cadcan 12,020,017 Federal Republic
FeferiV6.jpg 100px The Step Forward -The Eternal Imperius Regency of The Step Forward Barra Aqui 1,264,770,000 Archaic Absolute Monarchy
Flag of The Kingdom of Toubaze.png Toubaze Coat of Arms.png Toubaze – The Kingdom of Toubaze Taubon 58,267,000 Constitutional Monarchy
Tsinkin Flag.png Tsinkin Coat-compressed.jpg Tsinkin – The Commonwealth of Ts'inkin Tka-ih-tooh 5,765,291 Federal Constitutional Social Democracy
Flag of Tsokeiku.png TBA Tsokeiku – The Royal Democracy of Tsokeiku Dokodo 500'090'000 Constitutional Monarchy
VelnotiaFlag.png TBA Velnotia – The Calmunist Republic of Velnotia Vrchol 1,617,000,000 Democratic Republic
Flag of vescarium.png TBA Vescarium – The Commonwealth of Vescarium Vescarium Vurbaes 8,800,250 Federal Parliamentary Republic
Flag of Whitmarche.png TBA Whitmarche – The Grand Duchy of Whitmarche Ricsfurt 3,390,000 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Wolfgalia Flag.png WolfgaliaCoA.png Wolfgalia - The Natural Dominion of Wolfgalia Wolfgale 62,100,000 Federal Constitutional Parliamentary Republic
ZhenganFlag.png TBA Zhengan – The People's Republic of Zhengan Hangzhou 4,245,000,000 Single-Party State
ZhoushengFlag.png ZhoushengCoA.png Zhousheng – Federal Republic of Zhousheng Kandan 149,350,000 Pluralistic Decentralized Unitary Democracy
Gassasinian Flag3.png Gassasinian Insignia2.png Gassasinia - Kingdom of Gassasinia Jabiyah City 15,103,000 Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Mehrava flag.png Mehrava coat.png Mehrava - Militarized State of Mehrava Azhtanan 83,183,741 Military Dictatorship
Iwonia.png NBA Iwonia - Empire of Iwonia Greater Lumia 24,724,120 Dictatorial Monarchy

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