Anarcho-Communist Collective of Lauchenoiria

The Anarcho-Communist Collective of Lauchenoiria (sometimes abbreviated to ACCL) is a group of anarcho-communists in Lauchenoiria who participate in direct action against those they deem to support capitalism or authoritarian.

Melissa City Riots

In February 2018, a group claiming to be affiliated with the ACCL participated in a riot in Melissa City, and took hostages who worked for banks in the area. Most of those involved with the hostage-taking were killed in a confrontation with Skodenian Peacekeepers who had been invited by Laura Moore's government to assist with the situation. The sole survivor was taken into custody.

This event has been suggested by some as the precursor to the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. The ACCL remained officially neutral in this conflict.