Laura Moore

Laura Moore
Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria
In office
10 September 2014 – 09 May 2018
PresidentLeanna Walker
Preceded byAlexander Oswald
Succeeded bySuleman Chaher
Member of Parliament
In office
10 September 2002 – 15 May 2018
Preceded byGeorge Mardell
Succeeded byOriol Crespi
Personal details
Laura Elizabeth McLean

(1972-02-18) February 18, 1972 (age 49)
Lorentonia, Lauchenoiria
Political partyLiberal Party of Lauchenoiria
Spouse(s)Felipe Moore
ChildrenKelli Moore, Jamey Moore
MotherJeanette McLean
FatherGraham McLean
Alma materButtercity University

Laura Elizabeth Moore (born Laura Elizabeth McLean on 18th February, 1972) was Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria from September 2014 until May 2018. She was leader of the Liberal Party of Lauchenoiria until the 30th November 2018. Moore was a Member of Parliament for Lorentonia East from 2002 until 2018.

Moore studied Political Science at Buttercity University from 1991 until 1995. She then worked as a journalist for the Yerville Times for three years, before moving back to her hometown of Lorentonia and working as a parliamentary assistant to Joe Harrow MP, an early proponent of economic reform. She was elected to the Federal Parliament in 2002 at the age of 30.

A prominent supporter of economic reform in Communist Lauchenoiria, as a student Moore was active in campaigning for openly capitalist parties to be allowed to stand in Lauchenoirian elections. The government acquiesced to this demand in 1993. While Prime Minister, Moore's government held a referendum on transitioning to a capitalist economic system in August 2017, in which 62.3% of voters supported the change.

In May 2018, Moore's Home Secretary Suleman Chaher called for a vote of no confidence in Laura Moore, which passed. Following that, Moore was a member of the Lauchenoirian Resistance, a group outlawed by the Chaher government.

Early Life & Education

Moore was born Laura Elizabeth McLean on the 18th February 1972 to Graham and Jeanette McLean in Lorentonia, Fleura Province, Lauchenoiria. Moore had one brother, Isaac, who died in 1997 at the age of 38 in a car accident.

Moore began her education at Villanueva Primary, named after the leader of the 1952 Communist Revolution. From there, she attended Lorentonia High School. Following a gap year spent travelling, Moore began attending Buttercity University where she graduated in 1994. She remained in Buttercity to study for a masters degree.

Early Career

Moore began her involvement with politics as a journalist at the Yerville Times, a newspaper critical of the Communist government. She exposed a corruption scandal in the Yervian Provincial Government, which involved supposedly Communist MPs profiting off of foreign holdings in violation of Lauchenoirian law.

Following her time at the Yerville Times, Moore shifted to a more explicitly political track, working for the MP Joe Harrow, a founding member of the Liberal Party. Following Harrow's retirement, Moore was elected to his former seat of Lorentonia East. Moore was elected leader of the party in 2012. Between 2002 and 2014, the Liberal Party saw their share of the vote increasing rapidly, until their victory in 2014.

Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria

Following their surprise election victory in 2014, the Liberal Party formed a coalition with the Green Party and Laura Moore became Prime Minister. Her priorities in government were the capitalism referendum of 2017, investing in scientific research, and modernising the public transport system. Throughout her first years in office, much time was dedicated to planning for the event of a victory in the referendum.

In 2017, the capitalism referendum was held, with 62.3% voting in favour of the transition. This has been called Moore's greatest achievement, and signified an eventual end to the communist system in place since the revolution in 1952.

In May 2018, Moore was overthrown by her former Home Secretary, Suleman Chaher.

Family & Personal Life

In 1992, while at university, Laura Moore met and married Felipe Moore, a physics student from Elopolis. Following their graduation, Felipe accepted an offer to study towards a PhD at the University of Yerville. The pair moved together. In 2012, Moore had her first child. They have two children, Kelli Moore (6) and Jamey Moore (4).

In May 2018, Felipe Moore was arrested for conspiring with terrorists, however this charge was dropped following the end of the war.