The United Kingdom of the Four Realms of Antachia

United Kingdom of Antachia
Seal of the Antachian Kingdom
Motto: Gloria patriae
and largest city
Antachia City
Official languagesMaori
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
Bahamian Crèole
Catholic Christanity
GovernmentParliamentar Monarchy
• King
Darwin LaGuardia
• President
Olivia Jones
• Chancellor
James Hassell
LegislatureDemocratic Socialism Kingdom
High Royal Court
Lower Royal Court
28 of July, 1680
• 2018 estimate
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Total
8.90 trillion
CurrencyBynak (B)
Time zoneUTC+10 (South-Eastern Royal Timezone)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+855

The The United Kingdom of Antachia (Kingdom of Antachia), often named as Antachia is a medium independent nation in South-Eastern Oceanua in Sunalaya. The UK of Antachia is a parliamentar monarchy consisting of four major realms, 4 "Royal Major Realms," and 2 minor island protectorates. The nation is bordered by Calva to the west.


The name of the nation as a whole, Antachia (an-tah-kia), stems from the inhabitant tribes of people, the "Te tangata o te taiao" or the "men of the nature", that, when met the Antachian discoverers, described by their own country as 'Beautiful' - in Maori - 'ataahua', then, mispelled by the modern people 'Antakhiua', then 'Antakya' and with the recent remodernization of 1913, properly named 'Antachia'. Some also improperly reffer to Antachia as 'The Modern United Kingdom' due the unification act of 2019.



Archaelogical studies have properly demonstrated that this kind of tribes have been inhabiting since 500 years before the birth of Jesus, and some also reconduct to the Egyptians or Homo Sapiens when Egyptians at first learned how to swim, would have trained themselves and then built a big ship to explore the 'End of the World' as they recalled that the sea as we see its horizons was the end of the world; yet after 2 months and 13 days, on February 5th, they reached the incontaminated and pure lands of Antachia, where they have estabilished a new tribe and built a pacific civilization there (check: Antachian Maori Codex).


Angelium golden wreath, currently located in the Imperial History Museum

Empire of the Black Seas (124-1510)

As after some years of peaceful civilization & tribes cooperating, Antachia was formerly forming; yet some other colonizator populations demanded their soldiers to conquest the area as a Codex Mail was sent to other populations to make sure others knew about their existence. A little tribe of 5,782 circa soldiers started their mission, as they fought off with weapons and brutal violence the inhabiting tribes, murdering, kidnapping and destructing a little hamblet that once was a peaceful village made of commerce, Gods, relax, awesome culture and traditions. As the enemies fought off the tribes, they've easily and successfully conquered the eventual Antachia, and started a new age era empired so called 'Empire of Black Seas', as a non-sceptic traveller and soldier in 124 witnessed in a dusty and mostly non-understandable letter:

'We were travelling in our worshipped God's waters when me and my (?, "crew" as ancient-translators presume) noticed that a black cloud of dust and water was likely trying to (destroy/conquer/send back...) our crewmates and entire ship. We successfully attempted to go over and we immediately proceededb with our expedition. A black (?, translators say 'clothe, seta') was awkwardly covering the seas, and we were inhaling some kind of... smoke, waters were black...'; some investigations made people think that the under of the ship was getting set somehow on fire, but the water contributed to afterly set it off. This letter is still getting analyzed, reached & translated, but mostlikely this is its actual-meaning and daily contributions are being given. Basically, that's how this empire was called the 'Empire of the Black Seas'.

This empire started a true and actual civilization with population in 1219 calling to (circa) 30,000 inhabitands, extending for the whole eastern coast. Basically, an actual civilization, with every kind of culture, traditions & resources.

A New Realms Kingdom (1510-1680)

A new empire starts. As researches says: it's 2nd of January, 1510. Suddenly a destructing 7.9 Richter scale grade earthquake starts to destroy this civilization cause to a tornado in south-eastern of the big islands; buildings, houses, shops, markets, temples, everything breaks down, causing more of 20,000 death; scared, the tribes go back to the western side, on the actual Realm of Equitania, in Antachia. They start eating some low portions of food; saltuarely raw meat and some fruits, until they start a natural and savage tribe, with a little group of individuals (circa 20) cannibal, mostly reconducted to this conclusion hence some skeletons result to have tooth-like injuries on their bones. They poorly live like this - but with enough resources to not try - absorbing a total new form of language (Maori) and new traditions & culture, until... the 28 of July, 1680. Some group of Egyptian-African like tribes, on 15 ships, come to Antachia, exploring; somehow and strangely they are warmly welcomed - even if they didn't speak the same language - by the already inhabiting tribes. Via the Maori Sign-Speaking Language they have merged both of their civilizations and created a way-new era of traditions, culture & civilization: the well-know & amazing one 'Antachian'.

Entering the World Stage (1680-1902)

The Modern Era (2002-2018)

Todays (2018-Present)

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