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Orbital characteristics

Kylaris is a habitable planet in the Solaris system. The world contains many nations, most of which are part of the Community of Nations. The official languages of the Community of Nations, and by extension of the world of Kylaris, are Estmerish, Gaullican, Badawiyan, Songhua, Negaran and Hyndi. Tens of thousands of other languages are also spoken. It is home to an estimated 6 billion human beings.

Kylaris is currently in a geopolitical situation known as the Great Game, in which the Great Powers battle for influence across the globe. This is largely a result of the Great War 8 decades prior, which changed the face of Kylaris and had a significant impact on the world's socioeconomic and geopolitical status. These great powers are also associated with the geopolitical blocs that they effectively lead. These "blocs" include the Euclean Community, Joint Defense Force, Asterian Development Council and South Coian Defense Initiative.

The Federation of Asteria, Gaullican Republic, Hasemid Empire, Republic of Negara and Song Empire are all considered to be among the Great Powers, and in turn, are players in the Great Game. These powers and blocs have came into conflict with one another on numerous occasions, however most of these encounters - with the notable exception of the Southwest Frontier War, Namkwon Emergency, and Third Songhua-Nematsujin War - did not contain see the militaries of any of the great powers clash.

Despite this battle for influence, the world as a whole is in an unprecedented era of peace; the Great Powers themselves have not gone to war since the aforementioned conflict over 80 years ago. Human development, quality of life and standard of living is, on the whole, increasing across the globe, and despite the underlying tensions, most conflicts are unlikely to deteriorate to outright warfare. International organisations committed to peace, such as the Community of Nations, provide a forum for the issues between member nations to be addressed in the conference room, rather than on the battlefield.


Kylaris Continents Map.png
Name Largest country Total population Largest city
Asteria Inferior Satucin 196,281,051 Gatôn
Asteria Superior Nuxica 324,611,244 Lorcania Na Naoimh
Euclea  Gaullica 857,733,509 Etruria Vicalvi
Coius  Xiaodong 1,279,445,437 Senria Keisi
Sublustria  Valentir 55,801,345 Valentir Harborough

List of countries

Name Capital Population Continent Head of State Government type
Aimilia Kakzazna 6,708,921 Euclea Kabentim Teguzboded Parliamentary republic
Amathia Arciluco 35,852,332 Euclea Presidency of Amathia Semi-presidential republic
Azmara Aalmsted 10,029,100 Euclea Maarija Ryginsdohter Parliamentary republic
Buckland Dunhelm 6,825,000 Euclea Freodhoric Ācden Parliamentary republic
Caldia Spálgleann 9,257,180 Euclea Kenneth IV Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Cassier Nouvelle-Rayenne 39,689,032 Asteria Superior Jean Tremblay Parliamentary republic
Daaqii Maroodi 152,864,703 Coius Qasaye Shaqlan Absolute monarchy
Duquesne Marquette 12,000,000 Asteria Superior Marques Swen Parliamentary republic
Eldmark Hammarvik 20,002,351 Asteria Superior Thyri I Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Estmere Ashcombe 56,519,373 Euclea Alice Roberts Parliamentary republic
Etruria Etruria Etruria Poveglia 65,596,083 Euclea Francesco Carcaterra Parliamentary republic
Florena Floren Republic Florena Demora 54,821,712 Euclea Rosa Escudero Semi-presidential republic
Gaullica Verlois 87,176,289 Euclea Jean Vallette Semi-presidential republic
Hennehouwe s'Holle 17,125,503 Euclea Adriaan Wilhelm Paulus Parliamentary republic
Ik' Ka' Ek' Akai Makuahine 750,000 Sublustria Malama Kai La'au Yokatala Tribal confederacy
 Imagua and the Assimas Imagua and the Assimas Cuanstad 1,306,505 Asteria Superior Edmondo Privitera Parliamentary republic
Kesselbourg Kesselbourg City 1,424,500 Euclea William II Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Kituk None 14,387,120 Coius The Quintarchy Federal Constitutional Quintarchy
Kansasto Lahtiana 18,132,000 Euclea Akseli Karppinen Parliamentary republic
 Kumuso Kumuso Kumuso City 1,403,956 Coius Shayban V Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Lorcania Lorcania Calderdon 46,571,281 Asteria Superior Cormac Ó Néill Presidential republic
 Marirana Marirana Aquinas 55,455,700 Asteria Superior Lorenzo Occhetto Semi-presidential republic
 Mihi Mai Ra Mihi Mai Ra Kahimeka 5,402,981 Sublustria Alain A. D'Isisgny Federal Tribal Republic
 Montecara  Montecara 1,751,643 Euclea Colegio Directorial republic
 Narozalica Patovatra 88,081,653 Euclea Mergen Baynev Presidential republic
Minerva Prolín 10,250,000 Euclea Miriam II Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Ordennya Västdal 27,000,000 Euclea Johan Olsson Parliamentary republic
Piraea Alikianos 13,284,889 Euclea Pavlos Kassapidis Parliamentary republic
 Rwizikuru Rwizikuru Guta raMambo 18,903,392 Coius Kupakwashe Ngonidzashe Absolute monarchy
Sanslumiere Découverte 10,342,850 Asteria Inferior Arnaud Noirenègre Presidential republic
Satucin Gatôn 124,800,000 Asteria Inferior Théodore I Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Senria Keisi 258,751,620 Coius Reika Okura Parliamentary republic
 Swetania Swetapolis 52,853,207 Euclea Presidium of the General Congress Directorial republic
Tibernum Tibernum City 842 Euclea Pope Joseph Absolute monarchy
Tsabara 23x15px Adunis 43,426,894 Coius Atwan al-Tughluq Parliamentary republic
Umoja Kompashu 55,489,687 Coius Mzee-Kubwa Khalfani Tiso Theocracy
Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics UZIR Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics Zahedan 173,112,587 Coius Evren Volkan Parliamentary republic
Valentir Valentir Valeins 55,051,345 Sublustria Helene Pauline Semi-presidential republic
Varienland Rosenborg 7,538,726 Euclea Georg-Frederik IV Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Vilcasuamanas Vilcasuamanas Biržuventis 20,184,964 Asteria Inferior Vytautas Kaparauskas Parliamentary republic
Werania Westbrücken 58,579,684 Euclea Charlotte Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 Xiaodong Xiaodong Rongzhuo 553,746,000 Coius Yuan Xiannian Authoritarian republic
 Yavorstrana Yavorstrana Yuriatin 62,558,975 Euclea Polina Volkova Semi-presidential republic
 Yi Yi Ŭtasiĭ 82,314,226 Coius Tĕxiú Bŭn-On Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

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