Apex Arena

Estádio Apex
Apex Stadium
Apex Stadium.jpeg
Full nameEstádio Apex
LocationLibon, Dreamplanet
OwnerDreamplanetian Football Association
Executive suites45
Record attendance68,912 (Northern UnionKingsgrove, 3 March 2005)
Field size105 x 68 m
SurfaceGrass, Track
Broke ground2002
Opened11 July 2004
Construction costN$265 million
Dreamplanet national football team (2004–present)

The Apex Stadium (Portuguese: Estádio Apex) is a sports stadium in Libon, Dreamplanet. The stadium hosts the Dreamplanet national football team. The stadium served as the host stadium for the 30th Campionato Esportivano di Campeones and the Taça Dreamplanet final.


Located in Libon in Dreamplanet, the stadium was originally designed in 2002 and built in 2003–2004. Originally the stadium was thought of a new stadium for Sporting CD, however Sporting refused the move and the Dreamplanetian FA made it the new national stadium as Dreamplanet didn't have a national stadium before, it is a multi-purpose stadium and should be used more in the future according to plans. It was completed in time to host the 2004 Supertaça Dreamplanet. It was inaugurated by the President of Dreamplanet at the time, Michael Smith, on 11 July 2004. A few months later it hosted the 30th Campionato Esportivano di Campeones final between Northern Union and Kingsgrove (2-1), marking the first time that Dreamplanet had hosted a final.

As a newly built stadium for use in international competition, the Apex Arena quickly became the pride of Dreamplanet, it was the cornerstone in taking Dreamplanet forward into a "new age footballing wise" which started with the finalist run in the Campionato Esportiva 24, it is also the biggest stadium in Dreamplanet. The stadium is also only 12 minutes walk from the nearest beach, giving a nice view of the sea from the stadium, the stadium is also easy to get to, the Apex metro stop is the most common way for fans to get to the stadium, although the bus also stops nearby the stadium, it has quickly become a tradition for fans to spend the whole afternoon in the city ahead of the match, relaxing on the beach, eating at a restaurant or just chanting at the other team's fans, the Apex Arena went on to become a vital part of the Dreamplanetian footballing world.



The foundation stone for the Olympic Stadium was laid on 1 January 2002 to mark the start of the new age in Dreamplanetian football. Its construction was revolutionary and involved the use of a prefabrication method for the 34 sets of pillars supporting the stands (each weighed 600 tons). About 26,000 seats of the lower tier were covered, while the stadium's most striking feature was the architecturally stunning roof. The Apex Stadium was finally inaugurated in July 2004. The Apex Stadium has a capacity of 75,000 people and 45 VIP boxes and lounges where those who can afford it have great luxury while watching the game. Places like bathrooms and food bars are conveniently placed near entrances, allowing fans to be as close to everything they need, The turf system consists of natural grass in modular containers which incorporate irrigation and drainage systems.


105X68m football field 400m track of 9 lanes 4 pole vault boxes 4 circles for shot put 2 lanes for javelin 2 circles for discus throw (one of which is equipped with a safety net which can be transformed into a hammer circle) 6 lanes for long jump and triple jump 2 mattresses for high jump 2 electronic scoreboards


The central lawn of Apex Stadium consists of approximately 6.000 plastic capsules inside which thermophile lawn is grown. The capsules are adjoining, their size is 1.2x1.2m and are situated on a flat cement surface of two acres, flanked by two lateral drainage channels. The irrigation of the lawn is achieved by 35 automatically elevated water launchers with the use of programmed irrigation. This system allows the movement of the lawn to an area outside the stadium in order for the surface to be used for different events. Thirty-four entrance gates provide access to the stands. Odd gate numbers (1 to 35) lead to the lower and even numbers (2 to 34) to the upper tier. There are no gates numbered 18 and 36, since the two video-scoreboards are located in their place. Additionally, the stadium features 45 VIP boxes and 3 parking lots. Due to its design, the stadium's tribunes have the ability to empty within 9 minutes.

For the roof, two giant arcs have a total span of 304m and a maximum height of 72m. The roof has a total weight of 18,700 tons coverering by 5,000 polycarbonate panels which covers an area of 25,000 sq m. The west arc was assembled 72m from its final position and the east 65m - both later slid into place-. The roof is designed to withstand winds up to 120 km/h and earthquakes up to 8 richter scale.



First match

Home Score Away Date
Coerefente Dreamplanet 1–3 Dreamplanet Sporting CD 08/08/2004

Campionato Esportivano di Campeones 30 Final

Home Score Away Date
Northern Union Brenecia 2–1 Brenecia Kingsgrove 03/03/2005

Other international matches

Home Score Away Date Notes
Dreamplanet Dreamplanet 4–0 Astoria Astoria 12/03/2005 First ever NT match at Apex Arena, joint biggest win
Dreamplanet Dreamplanet 1–1 Tinhampton Tinhampton 28/03/2005 First competitive match against Tinhampton