Dreamplanetian Football Association

The Dreamplanetian Football Association is the governing body responsible for the administration of football in Dreamplanet. It is responsible for the national team as well as club competitions. There are two divisions: Liga Dreamplanet and the Taça Dreamplanet. Before the league format was introduced in 2000, the most prestigious competition was the Taça Dreamplanet and it is still highly regarded to this day. The winners of the Liga Dreamplanet and the Taça Dreamplanet play against eachother in the Supertaça Dreamplanet that kicks off the season. Unlike other leagues, the Dreamplanetian Football federation

National Teams

Liga Dreamplanet


The Liga Dreamplanet consists of eighteen teams without any relegation or promotion and runs from August to May. The league includes the following teams:

FC Libon, Coerefente and Sporting CD hold the record for most wins with 2 each.

Liga da Honra


The Liga da Honra consists of fourteen teams without any relegation or promotion and runs from September to April. The league includes the following teams:

Previously the league was known as the Segunda Divsão as promotion and relegation was prevalent but the Segunda Divsão was disbanded as the teams simply weren't capable of keeping the team competitive in the Primeira Divsão, usually getting pummelled by the regulars and sent right back down. The Liga da Honra was formed for the 2005-06 season as the teams wanted a league to play in instead of having two matches in the Taça Dreamplanet and then having to play friendlies, now there was a new league with the incentive of 3 Series B Champions’ Cup slots. FC Fieldade became the inaugural champion.