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Archon of Lihnidos

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Archon of Lihnidos
Lihnidos Coat of Arms.png
Seal of the Government of Lihnidos
Dora Bakoyannis-headshot.jpg
Stephanos Anagnos

since 7 November 2022
Government of Lihnidos
The Most Excellent
Her Excellency
StatusHead of Government
Member ofCouncil of Logothetes
Reports toThe Crown
SeatArcadia, Lihnidos
AppointerThe Crown
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the monarch
Constituting instrumentImperial Directive 1197
Formation1 January 1920; 102 years ago (1920-01-01)
First holderAthanasios, Duke of Ikaria


Selection and incumbency

Qualifications and appointment

Term length

Succession and incapacity

Removal or resignation

Authority, powers, and constraints

Precedence, privileges, and retirement

Recent archons

Living former archons

As of December 2022, there are four living former Lihnidosi archons.


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