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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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"Grey Belt" is an informal term for the region of central Ostrozava that has served as the industrial core of the nation since the mid-1960s. It roughly includes the entire center of the Transkarminian region, from eastern Rheigen to the Karmin Delta in Strakosko. The term "Grey Belt" originates in the New Society movement of the mid-20th century, which saw rapid industrialization and the construction of many new cities in a distinct architectural style, often at the expense of historical landmarks, especially in small villages. While some cities in the Grey Belt, such as Valegoria, have maintained a majority of their medieval architecture, they are still included due to the density of newly-constructed suburbs and importance to the industrial region. (See more...)

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Gristol-Serkonos, officially the United Kingdom and Constitutional Union of the Kingdom of Gristol and the Grand Duchy of Serkonos is a multinational realm comprised of two countries: Gristol and Serkonos. The two countries have devolved administrations, each with varying powers, based in their capitals, Griswald and Donnacona, respectively. The union was a result of the Oath of Union and since then, it has been jointly-ruled by the House Eist of Gristol and the Clan of Konwatsi'tsiaienni of Serkonos. Located in the continent of Norumbia in the western hemisphere of Ajax, it is bordered by Elatia along its western border and Belfras to the south. The country's proximity between neighbours has produced a long and complex relationship, with a significant impact on its economy and culture. (See more...)
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Greatest territorial extent of the Kayamuca Empire.
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