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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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Alexander, Hereditary Prince of Belfras (born Alexander Nicholaus Gregorio Philippos Constantine; 15 June 1984) is the heir apparent to the Belfrasian throne as the eldest son of Sovereign Prince Nicholaus. He has been the Duke of Tres since 2014, residing in a residence in Mondria managed by the Royal Household. He and his sister followed in their fathers footsteps to attend the illustrious Jason V Academy, although Alexander spent a year at the Oesterlong Grammar School in Pelopanesia. He eventually attended Nuovo Portelli, the country's most elite university alongside his sister, although while she went on to study medicine he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree before focusing on his performing his official duties as Heir Apparent alongside his father. Whilst performing his official duties he founded the Principality Trust, an organisation that runs ten charities with him as their president. The organisation, through these charities, focuses on a broad range of areas including education, environmental reform, and welfare of unemployed or disabled individuals. He has personally campaigned for greener energy alternatives and through his trust has raised more than B$192 million for research toward green energy. (See more...)

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M'Biruna, officially the Republic of M'Biruna (M'Bweni: Iriphublikhi ka M'Biruna) is a country on the eastern coast of Central Scipia with a coastline on the Ozeros Sea. M'Biruna is bordered to the north by Kembesa and Charnea, and also shares a maritime border with Bemiritra. The capital is Insukamini, while the largest city is Getjenge. The population is concentrated particularly along the coast and the highveldt of the Agysimban hinterland. A great number of early hominid fossils have been discovered in M'Biruna, particularly in the vicinity of the Umlilo Ntaba Volcano and the Imbongolo Izithelo Gorge where numerous examples of Homo Ibirungus have been unearthed. These hominids dominated M'Biruna until the coming of Homo Sapiens in the Kho'ka people who were in turn replaced by the Tongo-Tongo peoples who arrived from the west of Scipia around 3500 years ago. The Tongo-Tongo were followed by the Komuntu peoples, particularly the Amaveni tribe who became predominant in the area until the circa 1300 arrival of the Imbesu tribe. The arrival of the Imbesu also marked the establishment of roughly the same borders that M'Biruna occupies today. (See more...)
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