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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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Project 11431 is the official designation of a redesign of Elatian Petro Antaŭdiro-class aircraft cruisers, operated by the Itayana Navy. The original design was conceived as a hybrid helicopter-carrying guided missile cruiser capable of a combined helicopter-guided missile first-strike from direct following as well as being a versatile flagship for the task forces of Elatian Navy. The second unfinished vessel was purchased by Itayana and rebuilt by an updated and advanced specifications, using available technical expertise and accompanied with various research and development initiatives. After a lengthy period of trials, the ship was commissioned and currently serves as the flagship of the Itayana Navy. (See more...)

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Velikoslavia, formally known as the Tsardom of Velikoslavia, is a country located in eastern Belisaria in Ajax. It borders Volsk to the northeast, Ludvosiya to the south, Zamorodna to the west, and the Nordic Sea to the north. It covers an area of X and has a varied climate, with tundra in the north with harsh winters. The southern portions of the nation are more mild with warmer summers brought on by Nordic storm fronts and Lake Kupalnitsa. The nation's capital is Saint Dumont with Volstengrav, Odera, Kurev, and Reval as other major metropolitan areas. The largest city is Levograd. History of human activity in Velikoslavia extends thousands of years with early archeological evidence showing that several Ludite and Skagish tribes came to inhabit the west and central parts of the nation. The north remained largely uninhabited except for local Vanduit and Skagish settlers who ventured north. The Kurevan Slav emerged in the early 700s as the dominant power over the kingdoms. In 954, under the threat of Bayarid invasion, the Kurevan Luds invited Dagan I and his Clan to rule over them from modern day Hvalheim. The center of the nation would eventually shift to Reva with the founding of the Principality of Reva and Dagan's son opting to move his court south to the city. This would transition to the Principality of Kovno gaining supremacy until the founding of modern day Velikoslavia by Vitomir I. (See more...)
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50 Ostrozavan lev banknote.
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