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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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Nathan IV of Ghant (Nathan William Alan Wain; born 14 January 1988) is the current Emperor of Ghant, since 19 May 1997, succeeding his grandfather Alan I of Ghant. Nathan was born in Ghish, Ghant, the first of three children born to John, Crown Prince of Ghant and Caroline Zuria. His father died in 1994 as the result of a plane crash, resulting in his elevation to Crown Prince of Ghant at the age of six, becoming heir apparent. His grandfather, Emperor Alan, died abruptly of a brain aneurysm in 1997, thereupon which Nathan acceded to the throne as Emperor Nathan IV at the age of nine. Nathan was under the regency of his uncle Prince Albert of Ghant, until 2006 when he turned eighteen. Nathan has faced consistent republican movements in Ghant throughout his reign due to the unpopularity of his uncle’s regency government and due to his own personal controversies that have been brought to light by the press. He has been harshly criticized for his numerous affairs, children born out of wedlock and other indiscretions that are considered beneath the dignity of the Imperial Family. Despite this, a referendum to abolish the monarchy in favor of a republic was narrowly defeated in 2014, and the Emperor remains committed to democratic institutions and humanitarian causes both in Ghant and abroad, while his popularity is much greater in Northern Ghant than in the south. (See more...)
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North Ottonia, officially the Ottonian Federal Republic and often called Eona by its inhabitants, is a nation on the northwestern edge of the continent of Belisaria. It is bordered to the south by South Ottonia, Lyncanestria, and Sudmark, to the east by Erishland and Valgtea, and is neighbored across the North Thalassian Ocean by Ghant. The country was formed as a result of the Ottonian Revolution, arising in the zone controlled by the Popular Front movement and the previously-exiled republican government of Ottonia, which had been overthrown in 1921 in the Ottonian Reaction. The Popular Front and Ottonian Republic were formally dissolved as governing entities in 1947 with the ratification of the New Foundation, replacing them with the Ottonian Federal Republic. The Partition of Ottonia in 1950 formalized the modern border dividing North Ottonia from the remaining rump state of the Union of Ottonia. (See more...)
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The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Vardana, 1985 to present.
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