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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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The Executive Council (Takelat: Inuwalawa; ⵉⵏⵓⵡⴰⵍⴰⵡⴰ) is a body of ten elected officials who make up the executive branch of the Communes of Talahara. In addition to overseeing their individual portfolios and deliberating over motions and directives within the council, the Executive Council acts as a collective head of state for Talahara. The Executive Council has limited innate jurisdiction under the Constitution, but the Supreme Legislative Council has devolved additional powers to the executors. (See more...)

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Fahran (Gharbaic: al-Fahraan) officially the Second Gharib Republic of Fahran (Gharbaic: Jumhuriyyah al-Gharibyat al-Thaniyyah al-Fahraaniyyah), is a Gharib sovereign state and semi-presidential unitary republic situated in eastern Scipia. Fahran occupies 527,015.78 km2, including both its mainland territories and the Nalmorian Archipelago. It borders Charnea to the west and the Ozeros Sea to the east. Fahran comprises six provinces and seventeen governates. The capital is Haqara. The largest city is Qhor am-Sadaf. Fahran numbers among the most ethnically and racially diverse countries in the region and is home to Gharbiyyun, Nimanis, Sosfaris, and Kards. Around 88% of the country's 35 million citizens are Yen, with Fabrian Christians, Orthodox Christians, Jews, and non-religious people making up small but significant minorities, especially in the large coastal cities. The sole official language is Gharbaic, though regional languages have been nominally recognized since the December Intifada and the ratification of the 1996 Constitution. (See more...)
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