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Ajax is a focused roleplaying and worldbuilding region that incorporates both mediums into how nations interact and engage with one another. Members focus on a variety of aspects, including culture, individuals, politics, religion, and other lore, to build a living, active world.

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The Supreme Consensus of Talahara (Takelat: ⵜⵉⴼⴰⵇⴰⴽⵔⴰⴷ ⵏ'ⵜⴰⵍⴰⵀⴰⵔⴰ; Tifaqakrad N'Talahara) is the constitution of the United Communes of Talahara. Drafted over a period of three years between 1838 and 1841, the first two parts of the Supreme Consensus enshrined the rights and freedoms of all persons in Talahara, in addition to democratic and property rights. Part three of the Supreme Consensus was completed later in 1841 and codified the roles of the three branches of government and divisions of power between national, regional, and communal levels of government. The Supreme Consensus has been amended a total of four times. These amendments include the addition of the third part, electoral reform, and the addition of new rights and protections. Constitutional amendments require the passage of a provision by a two-thirds supermajority in the Supreme Legislative Council (34 of 50 members) and subsequent ratification by a two-thirds supermajority by the membership of the 1,250 Communal Legislative Councils in Talahara (8,334 of 12,500 members). (See more...)

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Gristol-Serkonos, officially the United Kingdom and Constitutional Union of the Kingdom of Gristol and the League of Serkonos is a multinational realm comprised of two countries: Gristol and Serkonos. The two countries have devolved administrations, each with varying powers, based in their capitals, Griswald and Donnacona, respectively. The union was a result of the Oath of Union. The country is jointly-ruled by the House Eist of Gristol and an elected monarch of Serkonos, currently from the Clan of Konwatsi'tsiaienn. Situated in the continent of Norumbia in the western hemisphere of Ajax, it is bordered by Elatia along its western border and Belfras to the south. Mniohuta and Alameda share the country's northern border. The country's proximity between neighbors has produced a long and complex relationship, with a significant impact on its economy and culture. Its economy is bolstered by its natural resources and well developed trade agreements. Its citizens enjoy high levels of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It is among the most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of immigration policy encouraged by successive governments. (See more...)
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50 Ostrozavan lev banknote.
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