Arimathea (city)

Makati Arimathea.jpg
Founded194 BC
 • Grand DukeJosev VII Belimos
 • Urban
7,915,041 (2nd)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC−1 (TCT)

Arimathea (pronounced /ærɪmæˈθeɪæ/), also called the City of Arimathea (Trellinese: Forsi Arimathëka), is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Arimathea. With a population of nearly 8 million, it is a primate city and the second largest city in the Trellinese Empire as a whole.

The city is located on the estuary of the Kaedroth river, where it flows into the Great Bay of Arimathea. A natural harbour just before the river reaches the sea has become the city's port, one of the most important in western Astyria. Most of the city's development has been restricted to the south bank of the river, which is crossed by only three bridges within the city due to its width. Most cross-river traffic, therefore, relies either on ferries or tunnels.

As the largest city in the north of the empire, Arimathea has long been an important economic hub and population centre. It is the centre of a major industrial region, with a strong export base to Trellin and the west of Astyria. The city is served by several airports, including Arimathea City Airport, Teqial Jureniv Airport and Kaedroth Valley Airport. The Port of Arimathea, covering over 10,000 hectares (100 km2), is the largest in the empire and one of the largest in Astyria.


Prior to 308 AD, Arimathea was named Fürzarmad, and was at that time the capital of Harimat. Its lord converted to Christianity when missionaries reading Gospel verses mentioned Joseph of Arimathea, whose name was strikingly similar to his own: Josev of Harimat. The name of the city and state were both changed at the same time.



Skyline of Arimathea's Central Business District

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