Lamauha (Khadenz)
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Arnyü, known in Cadenza as Lamauha, is the hermaphroditic Ethlorek deity of the earth, fertility and peace. She is a higher deity in the Ethlorek pantheon, the daughter by rape of Liqáha and Morqúz. Despite her prominent role as the goddess of peace, Ethlorek tradition holds that she will lead a vast army to destroy her father in the end of the world.


Born after the rape of her mother, the sea goddess Liqáha, by the river god Morqúz, Arnyü is considered to be the youngest of the Ethlorek pantheon. As a result of her 'unnatural' conception, she possesses both male and female attributes, and is described in Ethlorek scriptures as "most generously endowed". She is the goddess of the land, a consequence of her origins - the Rape of the Sea is commonly held to be based on coastal development as a result of fluvial deposition - and of fertility, as represented by her physical attributes, though these are downplayed in mainstream modern art.