Khadenz language

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Native toCadenza, Kur'zhet, Trellin
Native speakers
approx. 1.68 million (2013)
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Khadenz is an Ethlorek language of the Mede-Lorecian language family. It is spoken as a first language by the majority of Khadenzi people and as a second language by small populations in Kur'zhet, southwest Trellin and northwest Aurelia. It is a recognised language of the Trellinese Empire, and enjoys constitutional protection as the official language of Cadenza.

Khadenz developed out of the Trellinese language that migrated with the Ethlorekoz from Lorecia and then continued to the island of Khade. It has retained more similarities to Trellinese than Kuredt has, the most notable change being the drop of the way the genitive is formed in other Ethlorek languages and the adoption of the possessive prefixes from the Ahéri language.


In many respects, Khadenz is formed from a composite of a number of Ethlorek dialects, including three Cadenzan dialects and Tayarsi (from Tyarz and west Azmir). These linguistic and grammatical reforms were largely the work of Lenet of Meqn, a scribe and archivist at the Great Monastery of Ro'ekha. Educated in Hyser, Lenet was greatly influenced by Ahéri and made use of its style in his archival work. When he later became the abbot of the Siresian monastery at Meqn, he introduced his changes to a broader audience through his Codex Roeccensis.