Arvorikan East Tellurian Company

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Arvorikan East Tellurian Company

Aꞃvoꞃbꞃoaꝺen Kompaᵹnuneʒh aꝼ Ꞃeteꞃ Ꞇelluꞃeʒh
Flag of AKRT
Official languagesBrezhoneg, Cólaén, Auvernian, and assorted native languages.
Ethnic groups
Bretoned, Cólaén, Morgallan, Auvernians, assorted native groups.
GovernmentChartered Company
Driving sideright

The Arvorikan East Tellurian Company (Aꞃvoꞃbꞃoaꝺen Kompaᵹnuneʒh aꝼ Ꞃeteꞃ Ꞇelluꞃeʒh), also known by its acronym AKRT, is a chartered company of the United Provinces, managing and operating Arvorikan colonies in Tellures and Crocinia. The Company is subject to no single canton, but is rather under the direct administration of the Captain-General and the Confederal Assembly, where it holds observer status. The presence of "company men" in the Confederal Assembly, as well as its separate military, has led to the Company being referred to informally as the "thirteenth canton".