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Orbital characteristics
Interwar Period

Verthandi is the principal and only habitable planet in the Sideres System, and the only known planet to sustain life. The planet is home to various forms of life, from human civilization to the flora and fauna that make of the natural world. Human civilization, which over the centuries has spread and dominates the planet, has lead to the rise of many kingdoms and nations, which have fought or still fight for supremacy or survival.

Much of Verthandi is suffering in an economic crisis known as the Global Depression, which has been plaguing the world since 1930, causing political turmoil in the Auvernian Federation and Altenland. Two decades prior, the Great War tore the world apart, and the wounds from that war have still not fully healed.


Verthandi Continents.png
Name Largest country Total population Largest city
Cybelleum Volkhov ??? 23x15px ???
Tellures 23x15px ??? ??? 23x15px ???
Nymera 23x15px ??? ??? 23x15px ???
Hibernia Duquesne ??? 23x15px ???
Aestia 23x15px ??? ??? 23x15px ???
Multesia 23x15px ??? ??? 23x15px ???
Crocinia 23x15px ??? ??? 23x15px ???

List of countries

Name Capital Population Continent Head of State Government type
23x15px Altenland 23x15px ????? ?????? Cybelleum ???????? ??????
Auvernian Federation 23x15px Nanterre 41,550,000 Cybelleum John Calvert Constitutional Federal Republic
Holy Aventine Empire Alpana 150,000,000 Cybelleum Pius VII Absolute monarchy
Duquesne Marquette 12,000,000 Hibernia Jacques Dufour Parliamentary republic
23x15px Hawaiki 23x15px Whare o te Kingi 1,000,000 Multesia ?????? Elected Constitutional Monarchy
Oscaunja Kastomarre 11,000,000 Nymera Rrai Reney IV Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
United Provinces 23x15px Ploumanac'h ??????? Cybelleum Arzhur Mézec Confederation
Dominion of Vespera Sanctus Petrus 3,000,000 Aestia Henri Cardinal Illian Confederation
Volkhov Volkhov 117,927,915 Cybelleum Bogdan Morodzova Princely Merchant Republic