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World Map
Orbital characteristics
365.25 days

Verthandi is the principal and only habitable planet in the Sideres System, and the only known planet to sustain life. The planet is home to various forms of life, from the flora and fauna that make the natural world to the humans who possess reason and build civilization. This Human civilization, which over the centuries has spread and dominated the planet, has lead to the rise of many kingdoms and nations, which have fought or still fight for supremacy or survival.

Verthandi has a long and storied past, as detailed by the civilizations which have risen, fallen, or remained throughout the centuries. In the recent centuries, the Cybellean civilizations conquered, colonized and influenced most of the world, bringing it into the modern era. After the Clementine Wars which shook Cybelleum to its core also greatly lead to the rapid change in political regimes and powers. Towards the beginning of the twentieth century, the Great War broke out when tensions between Auvernia and Altenland which escalated to a global war. The war ended in a bloody stalemate, eventually leading to the rise of Valkism in Altenland and the rise of the Auvernian Federation. Towards the end of the third decade, an economic collapse through most of Verthandi into an economic crisis known as the Global Depression, which has been plaguing the world since.

There are many diverse powers across the world, some ancient and some new. The current Great Powers of the world currently vie for dominance or survival, along with many of the other powers which support or defy the great powers. The 1,500 year old Holy Aventine Empire, a bastion of tradition, Faith, and learning, currently controlling most of Southern Cybelleum, claims universal sovereignty as temporal head of all Christendom, but struggles with keeping up with modern developments while retaining the old ways. The Grand Republic of Volkhov, a wealthy and powerful trade republic, dominates much of the worlds trade and seeks to keep its influence over its far-flung territories, while remaining whole and united. The Auvernian Federation, a global powerhouse and one of the worlds greatest powers before the Great War, still reels from the aftermath of the war and the revolution which followed, and seeks to restore its power and influence. The New Reich of Altenland threw off its monarchy after the Great War, replacing it with the Valkist movement, resulting in the growth of a highly authoritarian and militaristic state that is poised for conquest and domination. Despite its small size, the United Provinces have consistently been a powerful colonial and naval power, having one of the most advanced and powerful fleets in the world. The State of Fènghuáng Wángcháo is an sprawling aging and powerful monarchy in Tellures, but currently suffers from internal court divisions and factionalism. The Union of Free Ummah Republics, a revolutionary state formed from the ashes of the Suvari Empire, although currently wracked with disorder and violence, has the potential to become a major player in global politics.


Verthandi Continents.png
Name Largest country Total population Largest city
Cybelleum Volkhov ??? Kyrona
Tellures File:??? Fènghuáng Wángcháo ??? File:??? ???
Nymera Oscaunja ??? Hypolitum
Hibernia Duquesne ??? File:??? ???
Aestia Pan-Cavado Republic ??? São Marcos
Multesia Hawaiki ??? File:??? ???
Crocinia File:??? ??? ??? File:??? ???

List of countries

Name Capital Population Continent Head of State Government type
File:????? Airyanenm Vaejah File:????? Srinagar 215,000,000 Tellures ?????? Absolute Monarchy
Federation of Atlesia Atlas 110,346,000 Hibernia Douglas Granite Federal Constitutional Republic
Alytaj Chochów 56,210,000 Cybelleum Nemunas I | Arcymisrz Manfri Deleckis Religious Order and Monarchy
Altenland Hochstadt 64,384,201 Cybelleum Martin Winter Valkism
Anzulabu Empire Anzula 10,000,000 Aestia Hiurma I Absolute Monarchy
File:????? Auberon File:????? Alastaire 50,000,000 Cybelleum ???????? Federal Republic
Auvernia File:????? Nanterre 41,550,000 Cybelleum John Calvert Constitutional Federal Republic
Holy Aventine Empire Alpana 106,500,000 Cybelleum Pius VII Imperial Hereditary Monarchy
Ayraland Vanhalinna 9,831,000 Cybelleum Erno Kalvisti Nationalist Autocracy
Baranda Bisray 2,500,000 Cybelleum Eztebe X Hereditary Monarchy
Carolina Montgomery 6,700,000 Nymera James V Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
Pan-Cavado Republic Tamega 16,000,000 Aestia Duarte Masil Confederal Republic
Chassar Chassar 3,500,000 Aestia Gilles Sylvain Demarchy
Copan Federation Copa 6,000,000 Hibernia Yax Yopaat Confederation
File:????? Daycouche File:????? Vessaile 1,100,000 Aestia Jean-Louis II Elective Constitutional Monarchy
Demoran Sancta Lucia 623,000 Aestia Edward de Engebretsen Monastic Order
Duquesne Marquette 12,000,000 Hibernia Jacques Dufour Parliamentary Republic
Ecclesiastical Estate West Alpana 400,000 Cybelleum Adeodatus XVIII Ecclesiarchy
Eschataea Marakanda Nikopolis 11,000,000 Tellures Ariobarzanes X Eusebes Absolute Monarchy
File:????? Fènghuáng Wángcháo File:????? ???? 500,050,000 Tellures ?????? Absolute Monarchy
Freijian Freijstad 17,000,000 Cybelleum ????? Federal Republic
File:????? Goldkuste File:????? Freimann's Landung 12,000,000 Aestia ????? Federal Republic
Greater Aestia Tuckborough 13,500,000 Aestia James Robinson Confederal Presidential Republic
File:?????? Grünwaßer File:?????? Amaye'li-gunahi'ta 900,000 Hibernia Emmerich Attakullakulla Federal Republic
Gweryn Cynulliad 1,000,000 Cybelleum Gwendolyn II Aristocratic Monarchy
Hawaiki Whare o te Kingi 1,000,000 Multesia Te Arikinui Te Ekara a Te Ra Elective Constitutional Monarchy
Hellenia  ????? 30,000,000 Nymera Hellenic Council Apartheid Republic
Hercynia Pleroma 5,910,020 Cybelleum Hardin II Philosophers' Kingdom
Hwan-Ung Han Yang 90,000,000 Tellures Ayushiridara Federal State
File:Spanish Flag (With the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary).svg Jaconia Jaconia 11,000,000 Cybelleum Francesco Cardinal Rena Confederation
Jeremiah New Eden 7,000,000 Hibernia Jeremiah Rigdon Theocratic Democracy
Kampacha Dao Parang 7,000,000 Tellures Sajan Ts'iuan IX Monastic Theocracy
Knights of St. Christopher Sanctus Paulus 230,000 Cybelleum Heinrich von Turngen Monastic Order
File:?????? Kefalion File:?????? Suntu 12,000,000 Nymera Wendimu Atatafi Tafsa Absolute Monarchy
Liutpert Agio 3,750,000 Aestia Louis II Commonwealth Elective Monarchy
Luistia Trebora 7,500,000 Cybelleum Henrique III Organic Hereditary Monarchy
File:?????? Miasta File:?????? Tykoci 1,500,000 Cybelleum ?????? Electoral Military Dictatorship
File:?????? Muziris File:?????? Muziris 60,000,000 Crocinia Kuriakose IX Absolute Monarchy
Nikeaneon Kaphos 7,000,000 Aestia Anaxemor IV Nationalist Militaristic Monarchy
Nørräland ???? 14,928,000 Cybelleum Haakon VII Lindqvist Corporative Jarlist State
Oscaunja Kastomarre 11,000,000 Nymera Rrai Reney IV Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Ostiar Veranda 4,293,000 Cybelleum Arnau Oriol Communalist Republican Confederation
Pregost Pregost 5,239,532 Hibernia Andrej Petrovic Semi-Presidential Republic
Rello Rello 4,000,000 Aestia Luis Ravello Presidential Republic
Rensselaerswijck Republic Nieuw Hoop 2,324,937 Hibernia Willem Lodewijk Presidential Federal Republic
File:Standard-of Spain with the Sacred Hearts.svg Sagrado Corazon File:Standard-of Spain with the Sacred Hearts.svg Santo Isidoro 7,000,000 Hibernia Miguel I Hereditary Monarchy
São Marcos São Marcos 21,500,000 Aestia Henrique II Organic Hereditary Monarchy
File:?????? Simé File:?????? Abrohomane 10,000,000 Nymera Melech Yakubu Iweobiegbulam Absolute Monarchy
Sophia Sophia 429,212 Aestia Nikephoros Diogenos Polity
Suvari Kaghanate Lindos 750,000 Cybelleum Ahmed IV Absolute Monarchy
File:????? Talaithe File:????? Thelwein 7,000,000 Aestia ????? Revolutionary Socialist Republic
Tapatea Huelatl 5,000,000 Hibernia Itzcoatl VIII Confederation
U.F.U.R. ????? 200,000,000 Tellures ????? Syndicalist Union of Republics
File:?????? Ummah of Eremvir File:?????? Eremvir 5,000,000 Tellures ????? Agrarian Syndicalist Commune
United Provinces File:?????? Ploumanac'h ??????? Cybelleum Arzhur Mézec Confederation
Varille Realia 8,000,000 Cybelleum Carlos Ronaldo National Syndicalist State
Vespera Sanctus Petrus 12,000,000 Hibernia Henri Cardinal Illian Elective Monarchy
Volkhov Volkhov 325,000,000 Cybelleum Bogdan Morodzova Princely Merchant Republic
Wiñaypachatinsuyu Musuq Warasq 70,000,000 Aestia Sapa Ch’Ayna Huamani Carihuasari National Populist Monarchy
File:Velivoi.png Velivoi File:Velivoi.png Khoryvska 20,000,000 Cybelleum ????? Democratic Military Council
File:????? Unangakwaan File:????? Taant 13,000 Hibernia ????? Matriarchal Confederation
File:Uus Solyma.png Uus Solyma File:Uus Solyma.png Pühamägi 70,000 Hibernia ????? Jeffersonian Democracy
File:???? Wairua-Nuku File:???? Reimata 10,000 Multesia Huirangi-te-Tauira Presidential Republic
File:????? Wakan Musir File:????? Ek-cup 1,500,000 Hibernia Nipsa Resunotek Elective Tribal Monarchy