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Principality of Ascalzar

Principado de Ascalzar (Ascalene)
Flag of Ascalzar
Coat of arms of Ascalzar
Coat of arms
Motto: ¿Quién contra nosotros? (Ascalene)
(Who can be against us?)

Royal anthemMarcha de los Capitanes
March of the Captains
Location of Ascalzar (dark green) – in Scipia (grey)
Location of Ascalzar (dark green)
– in Scipia (grey)
Map of Ascalzar showing internal political divisions.
Map of Ascalzar showing internal political divisions.
Largest cityGallagán
Official languagesAscalene
Ethnic groups
  • 68.9% Mixed race
  • 15.9% Belisaro-Ascalene
  • 7.3% Punic
  • 4.5% Other Belisarian
  • 1.5% Jewish
  • 1.9% Other
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary monarchy
Melisende III
Julius IV
The Count of Rema
The Bishop of X
Rafael Matamoros
LegislatureCounsellors Assembly
of Ascalzar
• Established as a County
• Counsellors Assembly founded
• Hautville Accords
• Current constitution
• Total
13,895.33 km2 (5,365.02 sq mi)
• 2016 estimate
• 2008 census
• Density
62.78/km2 (162.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2008 estimate
• Total
$22.172 billion
• Per capita
Gini (2014)50.3
HDI (2017)Increase 0.761
CurrencyDenario (X̶) (ASD)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+63

Ascalzar (Ascalene IPA: [askalˈθaɾ]), officially the Principality of Ascalzar (Ascalene: Principado de Ascalzar), is a country on the northwest coat of Scipia in the region of Ajax, bordered by Sydalon to the east. Prior to its Belisarisation, the land presently in Ascalzar had been used as a smuggler's cove by Latin and Gelonian pirates. During the crusades against the Aradians, Ascalzar was founded as feudal country in the 13th century, sprawling around the citadel in Gallagán. In 1376, the ruling lord Diego II founded a parliament, the Counsellors Assembly; in conjuction with the 1460 Hautville Accords, signed after the death the last prince of the ruling Gallagán dynasty, Hieronymus IV, which established the Principality as a diarchy, they form the basis of the modern Ascalene state.

The nation is headed by two dual princes, the Queen of Sydalon and the Pope. Each monarch appoints a captain-general to represent them in the affairs of the state. According to the royal charter, which was last modified in 1881, the co-princes are mostly ceremonial figureheads that are entrusted with maintaining the laws of the nation; with the monarch of Sydalon and her captain-general upholding all matters temporal, while matters spiritual are upheld by the Pope. The Counsellors Assembly is a unicameral legislature with permanent and elected members, with the First Counsellor chosen from among them, who acts as head of government of Ascalzar.

Ascalzar is a deeply religious and conservative society, where the state religion is enforced.