Aussia, also colloquially the Far East, is one of the main continents and cultural regions of the world. Most of the area is subject to a legal system and socio-political order known as the objective law, and even notable exceptions such as Ashihara nominally practice a form of it, albeit heavily altered. Most of the continent is stateless, but not precisely considered an unordered or stateless society, as social order is still maintained and imposed by a variety of organizations ranging from merchant leagues, to clans, to voluntary associations; under objective law, these agents do not enjoy exclusive or particular statuses that states in western convention do.

Aussia is one of the most wealthy and economically developed regions of the world, having been one of the centers of the historical world economy (especially under the Axial Empire, a political order that spanned practically the entire continent in the 13th to 17th centuries) and the Industrial Revolution.