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Gaia in space.png
Gaia in a full-view photograph as seen from the X astronauts departing for the Moon in 19X.
Orbital characteristics

Gaia (otherwise referred to as Earth or simply the World) is the third planet from its home star Ilios and the only planet in the solar system to maintain liquid water on its surface and therefore the only known planet suitable to support biodiverse life in the observable universe. Apart from a plethora of lifeforms, it is inhabited by homo sapiens, having ascended as a global species, founded various societies of ethnicities, religions, sovereign states and ideologies, and made significant progress in culture, arts, sciences, economic prosperity, and quality of life.


Name Largest country Total population Largest city
Cardia  Arlyon 146,201,630 TBD
Dysia  Lluthia TBD TBD
Erdara  Krumlau TBD Hytekia Krasno
Hallania  Tuskval 43,752,817 Tuskval Rhinmond
Aussia  Ashihara TBD TBD

List of countries

Name Capital Population Continent Head of state Type of government
 Alriika Alriika Sangashámman 502,103 Erdara Kirste Frosch Parliamentary republic
 Arlyon Arlyon Champierre 54,485,783 Cardia Federal Council (Édouard Verpilleux) Socialist federation
 Ashihara Ashihara Dai-Yosai 258,945,000 Aussia Shōjin Absolute monarchy
 Crethia Wapen graafschap Holland.svg Donhaven 5,093,757 Hallania Mia Hall Parliamentary republic
 Cuthland-Waldrich Cuthland Kingsham (executive and administrative)
Cuthland Grienfjild (legislative and judicial)
22,794,500 Cardia Clifford Goodwin (protecting)
Ale Dykstra
Parliamentary republic
 Dulebia CoA Ulich.png Ulich 34,911,651 Pomria Alexey Volodin Presidential republic
 Finium DEU Reckendorf COA.svg Hallsind 3,703,109 Cardia Esmereldo Esteban Spessartine Constitutional monarchy
 Gerwain Gerwain Rudruth 9,673,258 Dysia Briac IV Constitutional monarchy
 Hardhiara Hardhiara Kujkë 40,237,385 Daria Mavik Cuzi Absolute monarchy
 Hytekia Krasno 36,517,298 Erdara Magnus Seglins One-party state
 Juznia Juznia Višnevas 14,015,335 Erdara Saulius Gudaitis Parliamentary republic
 Krumlau Sjöbo vapen.svg Rakonitz 43,941,015 Erdara Louise von Thalmark Constitutional monarchy
 Lavaria AniarroCoA.png Aniarro 50,099,425 Cardia Alberto Salazar I Constitutional monarchy
 Lilienburg Lilienburg Lilienburg City 607,183 Erdara Helena Weissmann Parliamentary republic
 Lluthia Liliddinas 26,384,298 Dysia Ceindrech VI Constitutional monarchy
 Mascylla Königsreh 38,972,039 Erdara Dorothea I Constitutional monarchy
 Penntia Senngan 13,407,184 Dysia Arthek Craddick Parliamentary republic
Ragland N/A 63,000,000 Aussia N/A Stateless territory
 Siphria Siphria Aqrū 23,518,120 Daria Anaslu-nātsir-apli Absolute monarchy
 Svaldheim Svaldheim Valhamn 11,980,123 Hallania Emil Lundell Parliamentary republic
 Tuskval Arms of ONeill.svg Rhinmond 21,431,256 Hallania Vidar Bruun Presidential republic
 Velsken Velsken Thveiti 4,821,561 Hallania Kirsikka Kuoppala Semi-presidential republic

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