Aytain-an tSheilvua

Location of  Ayton-Shelvay  (dark blue) – in the world  (light blue & grey) – in Taveria  (light blue)
Location of  Ayton-Shelvay  (dark blue)

– in the world  (light blue & grey)
– in Taveria  (light blue)

CapitalEvermore (UTR)
Tel Avson (Belhavia)
Demonym(s)Aytonian (UTR)
Shelvayan (Belhavia)
LegislatureJoint Administrative Council
• Total
6,571,800 km2 (2,537,400 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2015 estimate
• Density
3.7/km2 (9.6/sq mi)
CurrencyUnion Reserve Dollar ($)
Belhavian Shekel ($)
Time zoneUTC-2 (CPT)
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.jat

The Ayton-Shelvay is a jointly administered territory between the Unified Tippercommon Republics and Belhavia located in the Taveria in the world. It is composed of the predominantly Tippercommoner Ayton Republic (Pardesi Gaelic: Aytain Cónaidhm; Yiddish: ייַטאָן קאָנפעדעראַטיאָן) and the Belhavian Shelvay Protectorate (Pardesi Gaelic: an tSheilvua; Yiddish: שעלווייַ פּראָטעקטאָראַטע). Ayton-Shelvay is bordered by Belhavia to the west, Tippercommon to the east, and the Antarctic Ocean to the south.

Ayton-Shelvay was created out of the Treaty of Evermore in 1893 which brought the end to a thirty-year long territorial dispute between the Gael Tippercommoner and Yiddish Belhavian populations which inhabited the area. Out of the negotiations, two distinct administrative districts were formed: the Shelvay Protectorate (a crown territory of the Empire of Belhavia) and the Ayton Confederation (a loose association of semi-autonomous republics under the banner of the Unified Tippercommon Republics).



The Joint Administrative Council serves as the executive decision making body in Ayton-Shelvay, composed of ten deputies from the Ayton Confederation and ten deputies from the Shelvay Protectorate. Half of the Tippercommon delegation is appointed by each of the five republic governors within Ayton, with terms expiring when appointees leave office. The other half are elected every five years in local elections by the citizens of each republic.


Both Tippercommon and Belhavia exercise sovereignty over Ayton-Shelvay. As such, all persons born within the Ayton-Shelvay are granted dual citizenship and are afforded the rights guaranteed as citizens by both countries. Citizens of Tippercommon do not require a passport to enter Ayton-Shelvay. In addition, the Imperial Armed Forces of Belhavia and UTR Joint Forces provide security jointly throughout the territory. A key example of this was during the Tippercommon Civil War when Belhavian army units provided security in Ayton during the rebel offensive in Hyperion.

Both the Belhavian Shekel ($) and Tippercommoner Union Reserve Dollar ($) are legal tender in Ayton-Shelvay, valid for payment of all debts public and private.