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NicknameThe alliance of the three
FormationJanuary 31, 1903; 120 years ago (1903-01-31)
FounderPresident of Voisey, Bessin and Brenne
Typeintergovernmental organization, Economic organization, Military organization, Cultural Organization
PurposeKeeping the friendship, protect each other, help each other
HeadquartersCaen, Strasbourg and Chaumont
Membership (Brenne 1903 - Voisey 1903 - Bessin 1903)
Official language
Estois (Specially created for the communication between the members, is composed of a grouping of the patois of each of the three countries.)
500 billions

The BVB is an alliance composed of 3 members and created on January 31, 1903 in Strasbourg. The aim of this alliance is to strengthen the links between Voisey, Bessin and Brenne. It is three countries sharing a rather similar culture and a similar approach of the world. This alliance was used on several occasions, notably during the Great War from 1968 to 1985. It has also proved useful during the crisis in Voisey in the 1990s. Indeed, only the Bessin and the Brenne continued to buy products from Voisey during the 90's, the other countries turning to Upland and Ostra and Buriname because of the prices and the modernity.


The BVB was created by the agreement of the three presidents of the above mentioned countries. It was ratified in 1903 as a result of the Industrial Revolution, which did not fully benefit all the countries. But also because the three countries that form this alliance had problems that created its objectives. Indeed, some countries like Bessin did not succeed in taking the turn of the massive industrialization and found themselves with financial problems and problems of living standards. In 1900, the Bessin still had an agricultural society (79% of the people lived in the countryside) whereas in Voisey, more than 52% of the people lived in the countryside. The Brenne had important diplomatic problems with the Ostra, which often threatened the country with sabotage and spies. Voisey didn't really have any problems but he felt alone diplomatically. His most faithful allies (Bessin and Brenne) had problems. The Touloisie took advantage of this to attack Voisey at the World Assembly on many subjects. Indeed, Voisey was (and still is) a very conservative country and does not like to change its traditions. The Touloisie having become extremely industrialized, the government did not hesitate to turn the page on the past. Voisey was often considered as "the big teddy bear", "the sleeping country", "the melancholic gringalet", "the teddy bear to do everything"... In 1903, these three countries united under the same banner. Voisey gave several billion francs to modernize the Bessin, to protect the Brenne from Ostra, this one having violent antecedents with Voisey. The Brenne also protected Voisey on the world stage and contributed to the modernization of the Bessin. In 1968, this alliance became extremely important and many countries were saddened by the lack of a close-knit alliance. The world crisis that broke out took a radical turn. During the invasion of the Brenne by Ostra's troops, Voisey provided military support as well as the Bessin. When Voisey was attacked, armed resistance groups from the Brenne helped to repel the enemy troops. Finally, when the Bessin was close to being attacked, Voisey sent troops, which prevented the invasion of the Bessin. After the war, in 1985, the BVB proved to be extremely virulent and powerful, winning court cases one by one. During the Voisey's crisis of the 1990s, the Brenne and Bessin raised several billion francs to help Voisey's modernize, which worked. In 2003, the BVB celebrated its 100th anniversary, making it one of the oldest organizations in the world. In 2010, radical left-wing groups were formed in the Bessin and advocated the dissolution of the BVB, arguing that the organization was costing millions of dollars. In 2011, referendums requested by the pro-dissolution movements in the three countries took place and the results indicated a very clear importance of this allaince in the minds of the people: Bessin: YES 1,4% NO 98,6% - Voisey: YES 0,1% NO 99,9% - Brenne: YES 0,2% NO 99,8%