Battle of Ialica

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Battle of Ialica
Part of War of the Magpie and the Dragon
Schlacht am Weißen Berg C-K 063.jpg
The Battle of Ialica (1618), where Cadenzan forces under Tariq Kimepra won a decisive victory against Imperial armies.
DateMay 2-3, 1618
present-day Chulkiga, Kamalbia
Result Cadenzan victory
 Cadenza  Empire of Exponent
Commanders and leaders
Cadenza Tariq Kimepra Empire of Exponent Tiberius Amantius
8,000 men 15,000 men, many drawn as mercenaries from local Kamalbian tribes
Casualties and losses
1,500 dead and wounded 3,200 dead or wounded

The Battle of Ialica was a major battle during the War of the Magpie and the Dragon, during which Cadenzan forces under Tariq Kimepra decisevly defeated Imperial forces under Tiberius Amantius.