Siege of Castrum Tiberium

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Siege of Castrum Tiberium
Part of War of the Magpie and the Dragon
Battle on Charles Bridge - 1648.jpg
Contemporary colored painting of Cadenzan troops storming the Sancti Julius bridge
DateNovember 14, 1615 to April 23, 1616
present-day Chulkiga, Kamalbia
Result Cadenzan victory: Withdrawal of Imperial troops
 Cadenza  Empire of Exponent
Commanders and leaders
Cadenza Tariq Kimepra Empire of Exponent Tiberius Amantius
~ 7,000 soldiers ~ 2,000 soldiers, plus local militia
Casualties and losses
560 dead, 1,300 wounded 228 dead, 475 wounded

The Siege of Castrum Tiberium was the culmination of the Long March, the initial campaign by Tariq Kimepra against Imperial Kamalbia. A major episode of the War of the Magpie and the Dragon, it saw seven thousand men under Kimepra besiege the fortress of Castrum Tiberum, the centre of the military and colonial administration in the province. Outnumbered more than three to one, the Exponential garrison under Tiberius Amantius held out for six months in hopes of a relief force while Cadenzan ships maintained a blockade of the city's harbour. Amantius surrendered the city in late April and was permitted to leave with his army; he returned a week later with Kamalbian allies in an attempt to retake the city at the Battle of Ialica.


Cadenzan march up the coast

Cadenzan Army

Defensive Measures