Battle of K'anama (Constructionist)

Battle of K'anama
Part of Akannite Holy War

Seiranian Victory

  • Seiranian Sabaphos becomes dominant
  • Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos ceases to exist
Seiranian Sabaphos Apakidzean Sabaphos
Lortanian Sabaphos
Pagavian Sabaphos
Commanders and leaders
Seiran Mihrdat
Solomon Sakart
Ratan Apakidze
Tumen Lortan
Vach Pagavi

The Battle of K'anama was a decisive battle during the Akannite Holy War following the rise in power of the Seiranian Sabaphos and its rivalry with the Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos. In XXXX, Seiran Mihrdat and Solomon Sakart were able to strategize and battle the Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos.