Solomon the Wise

Solomon the Wise
სოლომონ ბრძენი
K'vari Sabaphos Mepe
Solomonite K'vari Sabaphos Mepe
Solomonite Grand Metsnieri
Asatiani, Imedio

Solomon the Wise, born Solomon Sakart (Old Akannite: სოლომონ ბრძენი), was the first K'vari Sabaphose Mepe of the First Order of K'vari and the First Generation Grand Metsnieri of the Solomonite Era. He is the first of the Seven Akannite Sages. Solomon was born to the House of Sakart, a representated noble house under the Seiranian Sabaphos. Solomon became a Metsnieri under the Seiranian Sabaphos during this time and became heavily involved in the politics of the Seiranian Sabaphos, eventually joining the Sabaphos as a Sakart family Metsnieri. Solomon helped lead the Seiranian Sabaphos in the Akannite Holy War, mainly against the Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos. After the Battle of K'anama, Solomon was titled Grand Metsnieri and the heir apparant of Mihrdat Seiran. Upon the death of Mihrdat Seiran, Solomon became the Sabaphos Mepe of the Seiranian Sabaphos, which he renamed as the Order of K'vari. Solomon then formed a bond with Samson Tianeti, tying the Sakartian and Tianetian noble houses together.

After Solomon's ascension to the Sabaphos Mepe, several other noble houses would dispute Solomon's right to rule, due to the fact he came from the House of Sakart as opposed to the Seiranian family line. The main noble houses that disputed Solomon's claim to Sabaphos Mepe and the leadership of the Sakartians were the Apakidzeans and Akhalgorians. Solomon's initial rule was rife with misleadings by Solomon and led to the mistrust of those he sought to lead, particularily those originally from the Apakidzean Tri-Sabaphos. However, Solomon rule eventually stabilized after calling the Congress of Serenope, a meeting held by the Akannite noble houses to elect Metsnieris into the new Solomonite Sabaphos. In an effort to change the conventions of the system of noble houses, Metsnieris were not to come from the houses themselves but were to be independent.

From here on out, Solomon would attempt to rule over the Order of K'vari and continue to conquer and expand the power of the Order of K'vari. The Solomonite Sabaphos further served as a government and as the head of the Order. More importantly, Solomon set the groundwork to make the Sabaphos serve as a starting point for a judicial system, something the Akannus had at that point left to the noble houses. During his later life, Solomon titled Samson to be his successor, as the Sabaphos Memk'vidre. From this point on, Solomon let Samson control the Solomonite Sabaphos.

Solomon is believed to have been a holy figure, as recorded in the Seven Sages Accounts and the Second Generation Enchiridon. Within the Solomonite Accounts, Solomon himself did not believe to have been holy or blessed, but to have been close to Maradisoba. The Ghadamian Eristavi, written by the First Generation Ghadamian Metsnieris Sakhli believed Solomon to have been the first of the seven Prophets. The Hymns to Dro, written during the Era of Timeless describes Solomon to have been at least blessed, and debates as to if Solomon could be considered a Divine Creature.