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Belka incident

Belka incident
Killer wind turbine, Nikolia.jpg
The wind turbine, looking guilty
Date19 May 2016
LocationMazuria, Nikolia
Also known asThe Murder of Belka the Cow
Death(s)Belka the cow

The Belka incident took place in the Nikolian voivodeship of Mazuria on 19 May 2016. A cow named Belka was struck and killed by a 30 metre blade that had detached and fallen from a wind turbine. The event sparked popular outrage in Nikolia, with hundreds gathering to protest and thousands venting their frustration via social media.[1]

The incident had serious consequences for the Nikolian Power Network, which began a review of its turbines, and for the highly-competitive Trellinese energy market where major companies TanzPetro and TL Fünselg slandered each other on social media.[2]


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