Besmenian Conservative Party

Besmenian Conservative Party

Besmenische Konservative Partei
Dissolved30 May 1986
Colors     Dark grey

The Besmenian Conservative Party (Besmenian: Besmenische Konservative Partei), was a former conservative party in Besmenia.

The BKP was with the Besmenian Social Party one of the two dominant parties in the Kingdom of Besmenia until 1921. After the Ochsenbein State banned all parties, the sister party of the BKP in East Besmenia East-BKP, became the major party. The party was represented in the Federal Chamber from 1920 to 1952. Between 1930 and 1936, the then leader Hans Saalmann was the 2nd President of Besmenia. From the mid-50s, the BKP developed into a small party. The party was dissolved in 1986 due to a lack of success.

Leaders of the BKP from 1831 to 1983

Leader Period
Willhelm Waltfred 1831-1840
Albrecht von Folgunger 1840-1848
Jakob Schilling 1848-1874
Klaus Greval 1874-1879
Richard Merck 1879-1900
Theobald von Hertling 1900-1915
Josef Afonsgorn 1915-1922
Ernst Kenner 1922-1926 (Leader of East-BKP from 1920 to 1922)
Hans Saalmann 1926-1941
Tom Giertel 1941-1955
Jakob Richtig 1955-1959
Adrian Cmielow 1959-1971
Bodo Trimmann 1971-1986