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Chancellor of Gristol-Serkonos

Chancellor of Gristol-Serkonos
Kaniehtí:io Fox

since November 3, 2019
StyleThe Right Honourable (formal)
Chancellor (informal)
Member ofRoyal Privy Council
High Council
Reports toMonarchs
Residence10 Stephenson Street
SeatOffice of the Chancellor and the Privy Council
AppointerThe Monarchs of Gristol-Serkonos
Term lengthAt the Monarchs' pleasure
Constituting instrumentNone (constitutional convention)
Formation01 July 1867
Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, D.C.jpg
The Office of the Chancellor and the Privy Council at 80 Hawthorne Avenue
Indiana Governor's Residence.jpg
The Residence of the Chancellor at 10 Stephenson Street

The Chancellor of Gristol-Serkonos is the head of government and heads the High Council. The current, 25th Chancellor of Gristol-Serkonos is Kaniehtí:io Fox, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Gristol-Serkonos following the 2019 Federal Elections. Chancellors in Gristol-Serkonos are styled "The Right Honourable," a privilege maintained for life.

The Chancellor is in charge of the Office of the Chancellor. The chancellor also chooses the ministers who make up the High Council. The two groups, with the authority of the Parliament of Gristol-Serkonos, manage the Government of Gristol-Serkonos and the Royal Gristo-Serkonan Armed Forces. The High Council and the Chancellor appoints governor generals of crown lands, federal court judges, and heads of state corporations and government agency administrators. Under the 1925 Constitution, all these powers are actually vested in the monarchs of Gristol-Serkonos and can overrule the decisions of the chancellor and the High Council.

The office of the chancellor exists only as per long-established convention, as it is not outlined in any constitutional document. The monarchs must select as Chancellor the person most likely to command the confidence of the elected Chamber of Representatives; this individual is typically the leader of the political party that holds the largest number of seats in that chamber.

List of Chancellors of Gristol-Serkonos since the Union

Portrait Name
Term of office Political party Government Election
Took office Left office Duration High Council Status in Legislature
1 01 July 1867 11 November 1873 2319 days National Coalition First Ministry Parliamentary Majority
2 7 November 1873 8 October 1878 1735 days National Coalition
3 17 October 1878 6 June 1891 4676 days National Coalition
4 16 June 1891 24 November 1892 527 days National Coalition
5 5 December 1892 12 December 1894 737 days National Coalition
6 21 December 1894 27 April 1896 493 days National Coalition
7 1 May 1896 8 July 1896 68 days National Coalition
8 Bragi Sigurd 11 July 1896 6 October 1911 5503 days National Coalition
9 Meine Hoekstra 10 October 1911 10 July 1920 3257 days National Coalition
10 Baishan Horn 10 July 1920 29 December 1921 537 days Socialist Front
11 Dragan Mlakar 29 December 1921 28 June 1926 1642 days Socialist Front First Mlakar Ministry Majority Government 1921
Second Mlakar Ministry Minority Government 1925
12 Ferdinand Perko 29 June 1926 25 September 1926 92 days National Coalition First Perko Ministry Minority Government 1926
Defeated in a motion of no-confidence following the handling of the Battle at Hawk Hill, the largest labour uprising.
14 Leon Novak 25 September 1926 7 August 1930 1412 days Socialist Front First Novak Ministry Majority Government 1926
Third government elected in three years.
14 Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-P001512, Franz Blücher 2.jpg Anaïs Palomer 7 August 1930 23 October 1934 1795 days National Coalition First Palomer Ministry Coalition Government
Retired from politics after one term.
15 Ottowelsportait.jpg Kai Dijkstra 23 October 1934 15 November 1950 5198 days National Coalition First Dijkstra Ministry Coalition Government
Second Dijkstra Ministry Coalition Government
Third Dijkstra Ministry Coalition Government
Fourth Dijkstra Ministry Coalition Government
16 John G. Diefenbaker.jpg Adrian Thorne
Drachten PR Seat (1946-1952)
Oetken 7th District (1953-1969)
15 November 1950 20 April 1968 6366 days Progressive Conservative First Thorne Ministry Parliamentary Minority 1950
Second Thorne Ministry 1953
Third Thorne Ministry Parliamentary Majority 1956
Fourth Thorne Ministry 1960
Fifth Thorne Ministry 1964
Currently the longest serving Chancellor of Gristol-Serkonos.
17 Pierre Trudeau (1975).jpg Arke Rijnders 20 April 1968 3 March 1977 3239 days Social Democrats First Rijnders Ministry Parliamentary Minority 1968
Second Rijnders Ministry Parliamentary Majority 1972
Third Rijnders Ministry Parliamentary Minority 1976
18 JoeClark.jpg Mark Hawthorn
Lyone 18th District
4 June 1977 3 April 1978 303 days Progressive Conservative First Hawthorn Ministry Minority Government 1978
Defeated in a motion of no-confidence on first budget.
19 Phil Fontaine.jpg Brian Kariwase
Deseronto 9th District
3 March 1978 30 June 1993 5598 days Progressive Conservative First Kariwase Ministry Parliamentary Minority 1984
Second Kariwase Ministry Parliamentary Majority 1986
Third Kariwase Ministry Parliamentary Majority 1990
First Chancellor to lead a party with over 50% of the total seats. Resigned due to the Morgenroete Scandal in 1993.
20 Mizuho Fukushima.jpg Toshiko Miki
Griswald 12th District
30 June 1993 4 November 1993 127 days Progressive Conservative First Miki Ministry Appointed
Interim Government
First Gristo-Serkonan Chancellor of Enyaman descent. Defeated and lost her seat in the 1993 election. Previously served as Minister of Justice in the previous Kariwase government.
21 Takeo Miki cropped 2 Takeo Miki 19741209.jpg Jean Watanabe
Garafraxa 3rd District
4 November 1993 12 December 2003 3690 days Social Democrats First Watanabe Ministry Parliamentary Minority 1993
Second Watanabe Ministry Parliamentary Majority 1997
Third Watanabe Ministry 2000
Previously served as Leader of the Official Opposition.
22 Jean-Pierre Raffarin par Claude Truong-Ngoc 2013 (cropped).jpg Cyprien Olivier
Oetken 1st District
12 December 2003 6 February 2006 787 days Social Democrats First Olivier Ministry Appointed
Interim Government
Second Olivier Ministry Parliamentary Minority 2004
Served as finance minister in the previous Watanabe government.
23 Atená:ti Archer
Tkaronto 6th District
6 February 2006 4 November 2015 3558 days Social Democrats First Archer Ministry Parliamentary Minority 2006
Second Archer Ministry 2008
Third Archer Ministry 2011
Died in office following the 2015 election.
24 Édouard Philippe 2019 (cropped).jpg Stuart Lewis
Verkun 9th District
4 November 2015 3 November 2019 1460 days Social Democrats First Lewis Ministry Coalition Government
Second Lewis Ministry Coalition Government
Led the first coalition government in recent years.
25 Kaniehtí:io Fox
Donnaconna 14th District
3 November 2019 Incumbent 723 days Progressive Conservative First Fox Ministry Parliamentary Majority 2019
First Progressive Conservative Chancellor in 26 years.